Protecting your Children on their Smartphones

Protecting your Children on their Smartphones

As a parent I have always been protective of my children using social media and getting on the internet in general.  The world has become a crazy place and there are all types of people online now that could lure your children to do inappropriate things.

I always want to know what my children are doing online.  They may not like it, but that is my rules here at home.  If they want to be online, then they will follow my rules.

Most parents let their children on the internet at younger ages than what it was when I was a child.  Even the schools have children learning more and more online and doing their school work on a computer as well.

It is very important to know who your child is chatting with online and keeping a log off all the chats and communications between your child and the other person.  The reason for this is because some children pretend to be older than what they actually are.  A lot of parents let their child use the internet without any restrictions or overseeing.  I am not that parent for sure.

The infographic below highlights the steps and measures that you, as a parent should take to make sure your child is safe while using their smartphone or any other online device.

Protecting your Children on their Smartphones

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