Protecting Your Home and Family: Bone Chilling Urban Myths That Aren’t Myths

Protecting Your Home and Family: Bone Chilling Urban Myths That Aren’t Myths


Open up a discussion about personal security fears and you are almost certain to hear some terrifying tales of victims who came under attack in their own home or some other sinister tale that may well be just another urban myth, or is it true?


Separating fact from fiction is not always that easy to do but one thing is for sure, there are some ways to reduce your odds of being targeted by an intruder.


Here is a look at some of the famous bone-chilling tales that may not be as mythical as they sound, plus a more serious look at ways to protect your home and deal with whatever comes knocking at your door, or is already inside.


Home alone


There is a story concerning a Japanese man who was living alone that triggers all of those natural fears about someone being in the house with you.


It was nearly a decade ago when this man started to notice that certain things were going missing in his home or had been moved, despite the fact that he lived alone and hadn’t touched these items himself.


He became so concerned about a sinister presence in his home that he set up some security cameras to see what was going on while he wasn’t looking. Rather than being plagued by something from the spiritual world, his cameras captured an old homeless woman crawling out of a cupboard in his kitchen when the owner was out or asleep.


She had been living in his kitchen cupboard for about a year undetected.


The moral of the tale is probably that installing a home security system with cameras is a good way of checking that everything is as it should be in your home. If you want to learn more about a system that works for you, make some more inquiries, but let’s hope you don’t discover someone living in your cupboards.


Targeting your home while you are away


A popular theory is that thieves target long-term parking lots at airports and then use the owner information from the license plate to get the address of a property that is now going to be empty for a week or so.


This is not something they can do with any ease and is an urban legend that can be happily debunked.


However, the reason why this theory is passed around the internet is probably because there have been examples of people who left their sat nav in the car, allowing the thief to take it and track the home address using the device.


Take care with leaving personal possessions on display in your car or at home, and be careful about broadcasting your absence on social media sites, as that is a source of burglary targets when the perpetrator gathers some useful clues by trawling through posts that mention holiday plans.


You should believe all the scare stories that you read but there are also plenty of useful tips that you can use to protect your personal safety and reduce the risk of becoming a victim, either in your home or anywhere for that matter.


It always pays to think about safety so make sure you lock windows and doors and if you install a home security system, you can get extra peace of mind that your personal safety and property are being constantly monitored.

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