Provo Resort Proves Its Mettle in The Family Fun Department

The holidays definitely bring happy thoughts.  Especially with kids around, you can never run out of good ideas for fun and excitement.  Sometimes, though, the cold winter season keeps everyone cooped up inside the house – we do have a pile of game boards and activities for hours of entertainment with the kids.  There are just times when you want to go for some outdoor fun even in the winter.  As skiing trips do not appeal to everyone, it would excite the family to find out that there are fun things to do in Provo too.  The great thing about Provo Beach Resort in Utah is that there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether you are a grown-up or a little toddler.

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  • Indoor Flowrider – this indoor surfing facility is one of the latest offerings of the Provo Beach Resort.  Here, you can ride a wave of 30,000 gallons of water as if you are out on the ocean doing the real thing.  It’s the most realistic indoor surfing experience this side of the Rockies.  Minimum height requirements must be met though for surfing or boogie boarding in the Flowrider.
  • Ropes Course – another one of the most exciting and fun things to do in Provo for teenagers and young adults is the rope course.  In this attraction, you get to traverse rope ladders, tightropes, and rope bridges to get from one point to another several feet high up in the air.  For those who are scared of heights, there is a low-hanging course available.  Height and health restrictions should be followed.
  • Toddler Town and MegaPlex Playground – for the little ones, these two toddler facilities can provide hours of fun things to do in Provo.  You can be sure that your toddlers are safe and secure in these part of the Provo Beach Resort especially with its 24-hour video surveillance equipment.  All surfaces cleaned at regular intervals and are padded to protect your kids from injuries when they fall.

These are just some of the many facilities in Provo that can give you and your family a truly exciting and memorable holiday vacation.

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