Pushing Through Health Challenges

Having a family member who faces health challenges is a painful reality. The emotional burden that comes with this reality, however, should not prevent everyone from living a happy and meaningful life. Accepting your predicament, getting past your emotions, and pushing forward to make each and every day better than yesterday is the key to surviving whatever these challenges are. When faced with such a predicament, you have to make sure that you follow your doctor’s orders and that you make healthy choices.

How a health-challenged family member fares in various aspects of life is largely influenced by the kind of support system he gets at home. With loving and supportive family members, it will be easier for health-challenged family members, whether kids or adults, to deal with their condition.

As a mom, I take extra steps in order to get all the information that I need to make sure that my family members are getting the kind of care that they need. Conditions like my son’s G6PD disallow certain foods and medicines from his nutritional intake. Rather than treat these as restrictions, take a shift in perspective and look at it as simply a way of making healthy choices – that sounds a whole lot more hopeful and motivational, doesn’t it?

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  1. always be happy

  2. Need to go see doctor always for checkup don’t delay

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