Quick Bedroom Fixes for a Good Night’s Sleep

Every living creature that walks the face of the earth does this: sleep.  We all know that we need shut-eye for our bodies to repair cells which suffer wear and tear from our daily activities.  If you’re starting to feel like a sleep-deprived zombie who wants to hit his head with a balance scale, well, all hope is not lost.  Try to make some changes in your bedroom so you’ll get that much-needed sleep.

Install a ceiling fan.  The humming sound of the fan will serve as your lullaby.  Any form of white noise will lull you to sleep.  The soothing breeze also keeps your body cool.

Repaint the walls.  Think of giving your bedroom walls a fresh coat of paint in soothing colors.  Shades of blue, green or purple should work.

Take away the carpet.  Carpets in the bedroom act as breeding grounds for dust, mold and other allergens which may keep you from getting your Z’s.

Remove items not intended for the bedroom.  It’s a place meant to be your haven of sleep, and not of work or entertainment.  The light coming from the TV set may interfere with your efforts at relaxation.

Sleep is extremely important.  Not only because those dark under-eye circles put a damper on your looks, but also because your body needs it to recharge itself.  Try the tips above, and you just might finally sleep like a log.


  1. Sherry says

    I need good sleep I have neck pain lately. The balance scale sound good to me.

  2. I have trouble sleeping and I do agree that there shouldn’t be a TV.

  3. @LOURDES my room no space for TV

  4. my room no TV too

  5. i think i have a good night’s sleep^^

  6. my room very comfortable^^

  7. @Arena how big is your room?

  8. @Arena good to know you have comfy room

  9. I luv a goodnights sleep thats why we use the humming sound of a fan as a lubby.

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