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Reuseit Reisenthel Market Baskets are certainly wonderful alternatives to plastic grocery bags.  They are also multifunctional and can be used for trips to the farmer’s market and the grocery, for storing food during picnics, and for keeping gardening tools in order.  For their functionality, style, and environment-friendliness, Reuseit Reisenthel Market Baskets are not only certified mom-approved but are also Mother Earth-approved!

How would you like to own this basket?

Happy Home and Family together with an amazing group of bloggers is bringing you this amazing giveaway!

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Reuseit Reisenthel Market Basket

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  1. Jenn Fields says

    I would use it for small trips to the market and Farmers Markets in the summer. Oh and perfect to bring along to farm stands and for fruit picking!

  2. At the Farmers Market mostly

  3. guarddog88 says


  4. Ashley Parks says

    I would use the basket when shopping in the market downtown, for fresh produce, or for going to the park with my hubby and daughter.

  5. Janessa Morford says

    I would definitely use this for those quick trips to the grocery store. What a great idea!

  6. Katherine D Schmidt says

    I would use it at the grocery store and/or farmers market.

  7. I would carry it to market with m. It is really pretty.

  8. Tammy Schweitz says

    the farmer market may it easy too get things there

  9. read the review and agree, we need to do away with plastic bags. save money and the environment.

  10. vera hanson says

    i’d like to take it on a picnic!

  11. Alix Davis says

    I would use it for trips to the farmers market

  12. Karen English says

    I would use it for going to yard sales and farmers markets

  13. Kim Hutchins says

    I would use this basket in my trunk for my grocery purchases or other pruchases to keep them from flying all over the back of my car. I think it would be great for use at the beach to hold your sandy towels, shoes, and clothes, again to keep from getting all over the car. Can you tell I love my car?

  14. Kathie Craig says

    At the farmers market or in the back of my van

  15. I would use it for picnics with my family.

  16. Michelle Proper says

    I would use it for my weekly trip to the farmers market as well as transporting food when I’m going somewhere for a get together. Maybe even when I pick fresh wildflowers 🙂 Thanks so much!

  17. I would probably use it when packing food for a picnic or a trip!

  18. I would use it for a picnic in the park.

  19. id take it for a romantic day at the beach for 2or i would stuff it with snacks while at the zoo

  20. Tammy Burke says

    I would use this for my market trips and small grocery shops!! It is simply adorable!

  21. Janette Rupple says

    I’d use it small grocery shopping or at the Farmer’s Market this summer. I love having items like this for that.

  22. I would use this wonderful basket at the fruit market, the coop, the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and for picnics. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. I would definitely use this for me at farmer’s market and grocery shopping.

  24. Danielle Papsis says

    The farmer’s market and our garden in the summer.

  25. I would use it for the grocery store and in the summer I would use it for the farm market

  26. I read your review

  27. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    I would use it for my everyday mommy bag! Moms know what I’m talking about. We all have a tote full of stuff that we take everywhere!

  28. Desiree Dunbar says

    I’d love to use it for a picnic.

  29. Definitely at the Farmers Market!

  30. chelesa sims says

    i would use this at save a lot ,aldi and farmers market

  31. farmer’s market of for picnics

  32. Quick grocery trips.

  33. Laura Royal says

    I would use at the farmer’s market

  34. I would use this at the farmer’s market, grocery store, picnic’s, and any other time I needed a bag!

  35. Sherry Butcher says

    I’m a vendor at our Farmer’s & Craft Market and would use the basket every weekend for that. would love it win.

  36. It would have so many uses. Grocery store, farmer’s market and picnics. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L

  37. At the pool

  38. To the Farmer’s Market or on a picnic.

  39. This would be perfect to take to my grocery stores the bags they have are so flimsy they tear every five seconds.

  40. nikki krutz says

    i would use it aldis

  41. evelyn hall says

    I would use it at Dollar General (I hate the cloth bags they have)and of course anywhere I go! I love it!

  42. Angela Rickman says

    I would use this on my small trips to the commissary and the BX and definetly on our family trips to the base pool

  43. Lindsey Pegram says

    I would take it with me to the grocery store and on trips with the family.

  44. vannessa kessinger says

    use it to go shopping

  45. danielle lima says

    Trader Joes, actually I would use it as a picnic basket too.

  46. I would take it to the beach with me! 🙂

  47. Maybe the grocery store, but I am really thinking that I like it as a crochet project carrying case.

  48. shopping for groceries! :]

  49. going food shopping…… 😀

  50. teresa mccluskey says

    going shopping, pic nic’s and all sorts of outings with the family

  51. The local Farmers’ Market!

  52. Melissa Mizzoni says

    I would use it at the grocery store, farmers market and my garden 🙂

  53. grocery store, garden, farmers market

  54. Trina O'Neil says

    I would use it to help keep me organized in my Avon business.

  55. I’d use it for grocery shopping and carrying food to Church potlucks!

  56. Kristina H. says

    love this! i would use at the store

  57. william saylor says

    Be good to carry the kids toys in the car or to visit grandma.

  58. I would use it for bringing all my school supplies to class

  59. Quay Jones says

    At the grocer and chain drugstore.

  60. rochelle haynes says


  61. Melissa Leinart says

    I would use this for shopping.

  62. Allison Jones says

    If I win, I’ll use this to organize some of our homeschooling things around the house!

  63. Very pretty basket!!

  64. Sorry, I would use it around my house for organization

  65. Melissa Cadle says

    The grocery store or the book store!

  66. I would use it for carrying things back and forth to church, library, local grocery store and home school group.

  67. Cynthia Roney says

    Looks like I could use this for a multitude of things.

  68. Trader Joes

  69. peggy fedison says

    would take it with me to do any kind of shopping!!!!

  70. I would use it at the store but also possibly for carrying things back and forth from my car.

  71. picnics and farmers market!

  72. That cute basket would work wonders using it in the garden to gather fresh produce or to carry gardening items. Also for shopping but I always forget my reuseable bags when I go shopping…

  73. Karen Lynch says

    Farmers market and also for car trips, great for holding kleenex directions, other needs nearby and not sliding around on the floor.

  74. Candy Olivares says

    I would use it to collect my Bountiful Basket fruits and veggies!! 🙂

  75. Patricia Wagner says

    great for farmer’s market

  76. I would use this at the grocery store, for picnics, bringing food to parties, and so much more!

  77. i would use it when we go camping to store things..

  78. I would use it for things. I would use it grocery shopping at the farmers market or even as a picnic.basket for an afternoon lunch with my wonderful family at the park

  79. Joyce Raymond says

    Boy I really would have to think about it, because I can use it in so many ways.Sorry, can’t answer that yet:)

  80. the grocery store !

  81. ellen schull says

    I would use it for my magazines and stuff I carry back and forth to the car on trips.

  82. Becky Rawlinson says

    I’d use going to the grocery store.

  83. farmers market

  84. Everywhere!!

  85. Christine Blair says

    That is so cute! I would use it to my many trips to Walmart and Food Lion.

  86. Rolanda Priscilla Petty says

    This is an awesome basket that I would use for books and perfumes that I collect. Thanks so much!

  87. Stacey Shull says

    I would use this at the Farmers Market and Flea Market here in Las Cruces, Nm 🙂

  88. Stephanie Hastie says

    for groceries.

  89. Katherine H says

    This would be great for all my daughters yarn!

  90. OHH I would use it for running to the Drs and hospital and even he hockey rink:)

  91. Farmers market

  92. danielle hathaway says

    I would use this for all my shopping

  93. sandie parsons says

    I would use it to carry my groceries home or for my current craft project to keep everything in one place

  94. Peggy Greco says

    i would use it for grocery or other shopping, so cute.

  95. danielle hathaway says

    I think we should use reusable bags more often.anything to create less pollution!!!

  96. Olivia bartley says

    I’d probably use it for taking things from my car to the house vise/versa

  97. Lucy Nguyen says

    Grocery stores

  98. Pam Sewell says

    I can think of several ways to use it = family picnics, shopping, sitting on my dining room table to hold fruit, magazine holder, etc! Beautiful!

  99. omgosh so many uses … but would be perfect for our beach trip to put the kids snacks in

  100. Pamela Warren says

    Grocery Store, Farmers Market

  101. Sara bradstream says

    On a family outing at the BEACH

  102. Elle Emme Bee says

    Out on a mountain trip with the family

  103. lindsey harper says

    For a picnic on the lake

  104. Great for baby stuff.

  105. Anika Hughes says

    Either the grocery store or road trip.

  106. I would probably use it for trips to the grocery.

  107. In my car!!

  108. nicole lewis says

    at the farmer’s market

  109. I’d use it for grocery shopping

  110. Rae Jean Miles says

    i love it

  111. I would use this basket pretty much everywhere.

  112. I’d use it in the house as a perky little organizer!

  113. Grocery shopping for certain items

  114. Michelle Bartolotta says

    I would take it to the grocery store

  115. At my local farmers market.

  116. Mitzi Fisher says

    I would use the basket for my yarn!!!!

  117. Vickie Mason says

    I would use it at the farmers market and grocery store. Thanks for the giveaway.

  118. Wendy Duckduck says

    At the lake!

  119. Farmer’s Market, picnics and more

  120. Wanda Clark says

    For my shopping trips.

  121. I’d use it for shopping and at the beach!

  122. Marsha Gilbert says

    Farmers Market and on display in my kitchen.

  123. Lorna Brown says

    I would use this in the grocery store, I don’t like those dirty plastic ones they have.

  124. For shopping at the Farmer’s Market.

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