Reuseit Reisenthel Market Basket: Saving the Earth One Bag At A Time

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After the onslaught of typhoons that ravaged countrysides, the government is finally taking a more serious stance on proper waste management and this includes lessening the production and use of plastic products.  Among the tons of pollutants that cause massive flooding are plastic grocery bags that inadvertently get stuck in sewers and waterways.  To alleviate this problem, many cities have banned the use of plastic bags and other plastic disposables.  Signs that say “Please Bring Your Own Reusable Bag” are now a common sight in stores.

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After grocery shopping


Going to an indoor picnic The girls’ toys in my basket
Being the fabulous mom that I am, no ordinary reusable bag will do for me.  My reusable bag has to look fabulous as well.  Fabulous the Reuseit Reisenthel Market Basket is!  This basket brings style and function together which makes grocery shopping real fun.


The Reuseit Reisenthel Market Basket is made of lightweight aluminium frame and tear-proof polyester cover. Since it is made of polyester, cleaning up is effortless. It has a sturdy bottom with rubber feet to prevent tipping and a soft-rubber grip handle for easy carrying.   At 19” x 12” x 11”, it’s roughly the same size as a grocery store basket and can easily be carried by hand.  Storage isn’t a problem as well coz the basket is foldable.
Folded basket
These baskets come in a wide variety of colors and designs.  From plain, to floral prints, to baroques, everyone can find a design that would match ones personality.  Aside from the adorable designs these baskets are available in, I also love the zip pocket inside where I can safely store my wallet and grocery list.  A separate cover can also be purchased to keep contents clean while walking from the store to the house.


Reuseit Reisenthel Market Baskets are certainly wonderful alternatives to plastic grocery bags.They are also multifunctional and can be used for trips to the farmer’s market and the grocery, for storing food during picnics, and for keeping gardening tools in order.  For their functionality, style, and environment-friendliness, Reuseit Reisenthel Market Baskets are not only certified mom-approved but are also Mother Earth-approved!

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  1. I love the versatility of this basket. I have one that is similar in size but is insulated with a zippered lid. Great for transporting hot or cold items in the car.

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  5. I want one of those. We actually have eco bags that we use all the time.

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    I am in love with this! its so fun looking and creative! has my name written on it! thanks for letting me know about a product i didnt know about!

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    What a lovely, functional item to have! My cat Fred would probably try to take a nap in the basket, it’s so roomy!

  11. This product is what we also need here in the Philippines. It’s time for all of us to seriously be cautious of using plastics because its one of the major reasons of flooding in our respective areas.

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  13. Your basket looks fashionable too. It’s right that we should bring our own bags/ basket in buying our stuffs to save our Mother Earth. This is a good idea to lessen the production of plastics.

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    Carol L.

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    I love reuseable items! My husband thought I was nuts when I switched to reuseable shopping bags and now he loves how easy it makes things when you bring them home. No leftover bags to throw away or store!

  146. “made of lightweight aluminium frame and tear-proof polyester cover” .. this is my kind of basket, since I have a little boy and will be taking many stuff – tear proof just sounds really good. Love this basket and hope to win one! 🙂

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  245. Luv the design. It is so unique, I have not seen anyone in my area using one of these. I may have to be the first.

  246. Much better idea than the plastic ones at the grocery store.

  247. Stephanie Phelps says

    I think its fantastic that stores are starting to require you to bring your own bags. I know I have been guilty at times for forgetting mine and this basket is wonderful to keep in the car for everything. Thank you for the review!

  248. natalie nichols says

    We need one of these

  249. Jessica White says

    This would come in handy for my daughters Barbies!

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  254. Sacha Schroeder says

    This basked is awesome and would have so many uses especially with ball season approaching!

  255. Great basket this could be used for anything. I would use it on shopping trips I always end up with so many bags just laying around

  256. This is a cute tote. It would be great to have in the car all the time, and wouldn’t take up too much space.

  257. I love this basket. I can think of a million things I would use it for. I have a farm house with a pond and some other outdoorsy things, I could take our lunch to the pod for some fishing, carry our picnics, put all my nature walk bags, containers and other things in it when we go out. This is great, thanks for the review!

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    I really like the concept of this bag. I would love to win it so that I too may be able to use it to its ultimate design.

  267. The picnic-type basket is lovely.

  268. Sylvia Ortiz says

    These bags give “reusable” bags a New statement! They’re fashionable, durable and economical!

  269. Like that it folds, can think of a lot of uses for a basket like this.

  270. Annasue Lamphier says

    My daughter is always reminding of reusing almost anything. She’s a recycle junkie. This would tickle her to death. She’s only 11 and I can see how much fun we could have at the grocery store with it. Thanks for sharing.

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  273. My city just went bagless. I love all the fun new designs that are showing up for reusable bags, especially ones like this that have sturdy sidewalls. They hold items much better. I hate broken eggs 🙂

  274. I’ve recycled and used my own bags for many years, I was a closet bag freak! LOL When I heard about a certain bag & tote company almost 2 yrs ago, I joined them and now I have my own fancy grocery totes 😉 I love any totes or new ideas for waste control, I think how much we waste in America is so sinful.
    (this text is a very faint grey and is very hard to see on a white background)

  275. like that it is foldable and it really looks good, too.

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    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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    This is a detailed design. I love the room in it, the zipper pockets, and the fact that it doesn’t tip.

  282. I am so proud of you using trash bags to make other products. It’s a shame how many plastic bags are trashed every day. You make beautiful products. I like the totes for keeping things organized in my van. I also like large ones for groceries.

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    I like this basket alot because of its function and versatility. I like the idea of putting my money, charge card & id safely in the inside zippered compartment. It looks cute holding groceries too. I wouldn’t look like the “bag lady”

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  295. Shawna Scott says

    my husband would put his tools in this and ruin it in a heart beat…..its neat though.

  296. Currently, I’m using canvas totes for shopping errands. But, this practical market basket is so much better and prettier too! I love your “food fun” print. On their site, I saw the kids’ size version is discontinued. My granddaughter likes to come to the supermarket and the farmers’ market with me and it would have been perfect for her. 🙂

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    great idea would be great for garden too

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