Routine Dental Checkups For The Entire Family

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It is important for all members of a family to regularly visit a dentist. The general rule of thumb is that a dental check up is due every six months. Routine visits to the dentist can prevent common problems with the teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth and even jaw. Therefore, preventative dental care is very important for children, adults as well as elderly. Of course, each age group comes with different dental issues. For example, pediatric dentistry focuses on the proper development of permanent teeth. Milk teeth can be extracted if there is excessive rotting due to consumption of a lot of sugar. Similarly, dentists can also recognize the need for children to visit orthodontic specialists due to bad bites and crowding of the teeth.

Adults can benefit from regular dental cleanings that remove plaque from the surfaces of the teeth and the gums. Dentists take digital X-rays that may reveal the slightest problems such as cavities. Modern white fillings can be applied to adult’s teeth in a matter of minutes. These fillings are designed to blend in with the natural color of a person’s teeth. Dentists may also check the molar and wisdom teeth of adults and make recommendations for extractions. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth may create too much strain on the mouth and the jaw. Therefore, adults may want to get rid of these teeth that aren’t necessary for proper chewing.

Cosmetic dental services are offered for adults that want to improve the appearance of their teeth. For example, bonding procedures can be used to apply porcelain veneers onto the incisors, canines and molars. Implants may also be installed into the gums of adults. In general, veneers and implants can last for roughly 10 years. Genesis Dental of Utah is an example of a practice that provides cosmetic and general dentistry.

Elderly people may want to visit a dentist in order to create custom moldings for dentures and extract any teeth that aren’t useful for chewing. The dentures may have to be adjusted every six months due to the degeneration of gum tissue in senior citizens. Dentists also provide clear instructions on how to care for dentures. Some middle aged adults may want to consider wearing dental bridges instead of dentures. It’s not a recommended for middle aged people to extract an entire row of teeth because poor chewing habits may develop for a lifetime.


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