Safe Spring Break Tips

Every mother worries sick about her kids- whether they’re 8, 18, or 80!  As much as we’d want to put them in a bubble to shield them for life, we do realize that they must have fun- sometimes, without our watchful eye.

With spring break coming up, many a college student will once again be partying like there’s no tomorrow.  While your daughter’s away in another country, you don’t have to avail of 24-7 audio conferencing services just to be able to constantly check on her.  Simply tell her to keep these safety spring break tips in mind:

When drinking, always eat first and while having alcohol.  Remember to set a drinking limit and stick to it.  Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Never mix acetaminophen with alcoholic drinks, as this can cause liver damage.

Keep a list of emergency phone numbers handy.  Disaster may strike while reveling in fun.

Remind your daughter to never let her guard down.  Even if she’s in the company of people she knows, she can never really trust anyone, especially when they’ve had one too many drinks.


  1. It’s scary since most kids are out of control when they’re drunk.

  2. Sherry says

    If going to disco must watch out your drink

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