Saving Money With Space Heaters

Saving Money With Space Heaters

Heating your home in the wintertime can be a shock to your finances. When that first heating bill shows up after the weather’s gotten cold, you’ll find yourself wanting to do anything you can to get that number down. One of the most popular suggestions is to use small portable heaters. These will typically only warm a single room, but people say that putting one in every room is still more efficient than heating your whole house at once.

Is this true? Well, partly. It’s true that if you’re using a space heater in just one room, that can be much cheaper. The problem is that once you start using it to try to heat an entire house, that efficiency goes out the window. Those heaters just weren’t meant to be used in bulk like that. As expensive as it can be to run central heating, it covers more ground for less money.

There is one way you can use small heaters during the winter to save money, though. If your house activity is primarily confined to one room, you can turn off the central heating and use the portable heater in just that room. Heat your home office or the kitchen during the day and then move the heater to the family room in the evening. The rest of your house may be chilly, but if you stay in one room you’ll have all the heat you need for a fraction of the cost.

As far as what kind of portable heater you should buy, that will depend on what needs to be heated. Smaller, eco-friendly heaters will use less energy but will also heat smaller areas in your house. Larger ones can heat an entire room but will cost a bit more every month. Do some research to figure out what you need before you make a definite purchase.


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