Sean’s New Cuddly Pal from Build-A-Bear

buildabearA kid’s room will not be complete without any stuffed toys around. These soft and cuddly buddies are safe and hygienic toys for babies and toddlers because of its soft and washable material. Older kids, teens, and adults also find it hard to resist these adorable toys especially the bear ones which are simply classics. However, there are also trendy stuffed toys that appeal to people of all ages, just like the Smurfs 2 dolls offered in Build-A-Bear Workshop Collections.

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The Smurfs cartoon series was popular during the 80’s and though they have been out of the picture for a while they still hold a special place for their fans. Our blue friends made a comeback in 2011 with the first computer generated film to be appreciated by the kids of this generation. Although the next Smurf movie has yet to be shown, Sean and I are both excited to watch it already. So when I got a chance to pick a toy from Build-A-Bear Workshop’s recent Collection, the Smurfs 2 dolls were my immediate picks.


There are four doll characters that are available for only $23 they are Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Vexy, and Hackus. You can make your own doll by dressing them up in tops, bottoms, shoes, and costume selection that are also available in the site. There are also pre-made dolls that are already dressed up and ready for you to buy. Since my little Sean has a mischievous side too, I got him the Adventurous Hackus doll. It already came with a Smurfs 2 hoodie shirt, classic jeans, and sneakers.

My little Sean simply loved the Adventurous Hackus stuffed toy that he got from Build-a-Bear. We have already seen the Smurfs 2 trailer so he already has an idea who Hackus is. The doll is just big enough for him to hug or cuddle with, and he is already planning to take Hackus to the movie with us.


  1. That’s true, every kid has their own favorite stuff toys and they cuddle it each night when they go to bed. That smurf you got is so cute.

  2. That is so cute. MY SIL gave one of this to my kids a few Christmas ago.

  3. My daughter loves stuffed toys and I think every kids want to have such cute toys.

  4. Baby Sean is such one lucky boy! The Adventurous Hackus doll you gave him is so cute! 🙂

  5. What a funny little character. My daughter still LOVES Build-a-Bear. Such a great place to visit.

  6. I have a Build A Bear. I had no idea it was washable – thanks for letting me know. I should wash it and then donate it to a child this Christmas.

  7. Oh how cute! I loved taking my daughter to Build-a-Bear when she was younger!

  8. ooh, sean loves smurf, my peachy would be happy to see this one too.

  9. No way! They have smurfs!? That is awesome! We love the Smurfs! And those cuddly pals are just so stinking cute!! I must get one!

  10. That is so adorable! I love the selection of characters.

  11. That is so adorable. My son have a lovie which is a teddy bear, he can’t sleep without it.

  12. Jenna Wood says

    I really need to get into Build A bear, I meant to go when Spongebob arrived, but I am behind! I love that they are carrying more and more licensed characters, it just adds an extra personal touch to the experience.

  13. Oh I LOVE Build a Bear. I’m sure your son’s new friend will last him a long time.

  14. So adorable – I need a whole bunch to keep me company here at work. I bet the kids would love to make these

  15. Ashley Sears says

    I SO need one of these!! I still love the Smurfs. My kids would need one too I guess lol

  16. these look so cute, my daughter would love them!

  17. what a cutie! My girl loves her teddies

  18. all kids love stuffed toys that they can play. These kinds of toys are perfect to give as gifts too..

  19. Oh that is so cute. I like how it is made. My niece will be crazy about this.

  20. I wish I could find a build a monkey or teddy shop around our area.

  21. My kids have been instant Smurfs fans right after watching the first Smurfs movie. When McDO released Smurfs toys with their Happy Meals, Hackus was my lil Jak’s toy of choice.

  22. Jessica Cassidy says

    Awww! Sean has a cute and adorable buddy. We never try it but stop by at the store which I find friendly and comfortable for the kids to explore.

  23. These are so cute! My daughter will love the smurfette doll!

  24. I’ve always wanted to try a Build A Bear! This is too cute!

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