Sexy Decorating Trends for your Bedroom

We all know that when it comes to a bedroom you want it to reflect you and your style, but if you think a little outside of your current box, you can take your dull bedroom and turn it into a sexy retreat that you will love to be in for years to come.

One way you can do this is to use colors, now I’m not talking just any colors; you have to use the right ones. Using light pretty colors will not create a sexy look, you need dark rich colors and textures to give your bedroom that must needed sexy update. Think chocolate, raspberry, apple and violet.  Rich colors create a feeling of warmth and can make people feel comfortable and sexy.

Looking to do more than just paint? Try adding some sort of print accessory to your bedroom. I once had a room that was a dark chocolate color and I added a few touches of leopard print. I used it on my window coverings, a couple of throw pillows and a few other accessories like leopard figurines. I also accented the darker room with some off-white so that it wasn’t too dark. It looked like an exotic retreat!

Adding candles and candle sconces in the bedroom can also add to that sexy look. I personally love seeing a deep red bedroom with iron candle sconces on either side of the bed or even a large iron candle holder over the bed; just make sure you are careful with your bedroom activities if you choose to do the latter!

Another great look is a dark purple with black accents. Think a little bit gothic, but not too gothic. Use wall tattoos to create a great lace look on one accent wall with black paint and a little elbow grease. Put your bed against this wall and find some black lace throw pillows to bring in the lace more. You could even drape a swag of black lace over your window to bring it in a little more.

These are just a few sexy ideas for your sexy bedroom redecoration project, are you daring enough to try them?


Holly is an interior design student. She runs an interior design blog called Home Style Tips.


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