Shari’s Berries Birthday Cake Review

I received the product mentioned in this post so I can share my honest opinion with you. in

I have a good friend from miles away and her name is Liza. She has been helping me out a great deal so I thought of surprising her on her birthday. I have a sweet tooth so when I think of birthdays, I always associate it with cakes and chocolates. So chocolate cake it is! I ordered this cake for her on her birthday but unfortunately there were no deliveries on April 1. It’s probably because of the Easter Holiday. They were able to deliver on the 2nd of April. photo cake_zps81c3d879.jpg

Anyway, according to Liza, the cake was delicious!  The whole family agrees! Whenever I shop at Shari’s Berries,   I always salivate :P. Aside from cakes, chocolates. They also have cookies, cake pops, caramel apples, and so much more!  Not They also have treats themed by holidays:  Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving , Easter etc.

Ordering from Shari’s Berries is  easy peasy  because you can pick the day you want it delivered to ensure you get cold treats that haven’t melted.  You’ll also get a confirmation e-mail reminder the day that they are going to be delivered. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift,  or an anniversary, birthday, or maybe just because you want to surprise someone, check Shari’s Berries . Don’t look further. Shop at Shari’s berries.



  1. Awe, how sweet if you! I am sure she enjoyed the cake. I have heard nothing but great things about Shari’s Berries. I think I will give them a try for Mother’s day!

  2. maria @ close to home says

    yummy yummy. my family would flip if this landed at my house. I am also impressed with how much the brand has expanded.

  3. Alaina Bullock says

    Oh this looks amazingly good! I love their products, and cannot wait to give their cakes a try!

  4. Jenna M Wood says

    We love Shari’s Berries, it’s a great way for us to send my grandma her favorite treat- Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

  5. Wow, that cake looks so good! We do have relatives who live out of state, so this is good to keep in mind! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I have been thinking about chocolate cakes all week and wishing I had one. Perhaps this is the answer I need. Perhaps this would be a solution for me and so much easier and better than making one myself.

  7. Ok, let me just say I love Cake. Seriously. And now I want cake. That looks yummy.

  8. Nicole Becker says

    I have always heard great things about her company!! All of the deserts on her site look AMAZING!!!!

  9. Nicole Becker says

    I have been seeing their commercial lately and I think I am going to order a cake for my sister in laws birthday coming up in June!!

  10. Nicole Becker says

    Well, I ended up ordering one and so excited about it!!! Thanks so much for the great review or I would of ended up ordering a nasty grocery store cake!! LOL

  11. Sandy Cain says

    I have to order this. I can’t stop drooling! OMG, it looks SOOOOO good!

  12. I seriously LOVE the organization you have going on. I could surely benefit from reading this…Now off to start organizing.

  13. rebeccabasset says

    I have always worried about ordering a cake online, because a lot of them are not very good, so I am glad to know that where you order counts. Thanks for the review, I will check them out next time I have an order to place.

  14. Peggy Greco says

    This cake looks absolutely scrumptious and anyone would be thrilled to serve it!

  15. M.Clark says

    Yes, this cake definitely looks delicious, I would love to eat it. I think it would probably be better than a cake from a grocery store.

  16. That cake looks so delicious, I wish I had some right now. It was very nice of you to get her a cake, that is what I usually do for relatives and friends on their birthdays. I think it is the best present.

  17. Arlene Whitfield says

    OOOHHH! So excited to try this recipe!

  18. Robin Quick says

    Oh wow that cake looks yummy! I havent heard of Sharis Berries before but I would love to find out more about it!

  19. maribel ramirez says

    The cake looks delicious! im going to. I will check it out when im on vacation.

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