Should I Get A Bunk Bed for my Child?

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At some point in time, your child will outgrow their bassinet or crib and need a real bed.  Or maybe they’ve had a small child’s bed for a while, and now you’re considering redecorating their room and want to get them a different bed.  At some point in the discussion, the idea of a bunk bed will come up – it just always does.

The Positives of a Bunk Bed

There are a lot of positives to getting a bunk bed for your child’s room.  First, if you are space-constrained in your house, and you have two kids sharing one room, a bunk bed can be a great space saving solution for having space for both kids to sleep while still giving them room to play.

If you don’t have two children sharing a room, a bunk bed can be a fun solution if your child wants to have friends sleep over.  That way there is always a spare bed for someone to sleep in.

Finally, bunk beds from Room To Grow make for great ways to play – you can build forts and other fun activities with the bunk bed, to keep your child entertained for years to come.


The Drawbacks of a Bunk Bed

There are some drawbacks you should consider if you’re thinking about a bunk bed.  First, they will only have a limited life and use.  Your child will only probably want the bunk bed until they are in middle school, then it won’t be “cool” any more.  Second, if you have family coming over, someone may have to share a bunk bed with your child, instead of having his or her own second bed.  This can be uncomfortable for older relatives that may be coming over.


Other Unique Options

There are some unique options that you can do with the bunk bed, though.  First, there are some bunk beds with a double bottom bed and twin upper bed.  This can be great for children getting older, since you have the bigger bed.  There are also setups that allow for a desk under the top bed, which is another great space saver.


  1. My son has a bunk bed and he likes it. He has a small room so it works out well. When we have company that person will sleep on the lower bunk. It works great for sleepovers too.

  2. I agree, bunk beds are great space savers. For me I think it is a great investment, though it will not be used for life, 10 years of use means it is still wise to invest in.

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