Simple Steps to Brighten Up Tired Looking Skin

Simple Steps to Brighten Up Tired Looking Skin

Sleepless nights, overworking and stress can all take their toll on your skin and can leave us feeling and looking a little lacklustre. You can’t stop time marching on but there are simple ways to freshen up and rejuvenate your face.

Aging around the eyes

The skin underneath and around the eyes is very fine and is much more susceptible to fine lines and what we commonly refer to as bags. Anti wrinkle eye cream moisturises under-eye skin and can help to eliminate dark circles. You can make your own eye cream by melting some coconut oil, mixing this with some liquid vitamin E and leaving it in the fridge to solidify. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and is easily absorbed by the skin while vitamin E helps to protect delicate skin cells as well as nourishing the skin.

Hydrating your skin

When it comes to fresh and healthy skin, hydration is of vital importance and that means drinking plenty of water. As we age our skin loses elasticity, becomes drier and duller, and it’s important to make sure your face is adequately moisturized. Skin becomes brittle and dry over the years, and this is why moisturising is so important. Daily moisturising will not make fine lines disappear but can help to decrease skin problems such as dryness and can brighten up a dull, tired looking complexion.

Topping up your sleep credits

If you’re a parent of young children you’re probably well aware of the concept of broken sleep and how exhausted that can leave you. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors towards good health and it will definitely show on your face if you haven’t been getting the right amount.

The good news is that sleep works in credits and debits, and if you haven’t achieved enough sleep at night a quick nap during the day will help top up decrease your sleep debit. Lack of sleep equals bags under the eyes but a ‘power nap’ of around 20 minutes will help to minimize dark bags and freshen the face.

A healthy diet, good sun protection, enough sleep and adequate hydration will go a long way to keeping your skin in peak condition. However, a daily moisturizer is another important product that will help to revive tired looking skin.

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