Six ways to escape the routine

Children, bills, stress … only a few words that could describe a marriage! Or at least marriage as he is understood. Try to escape the routine and the monotony of a relationship using some new tricks successfully tested by us. Even if they seem insignificant, they will have an incredible impact!
Small details are the ones that give flavour to relationships! Do you remember that in the beginning you got drunk with his shirts scent’s or how you waited anxiously to see what flowers he will bring? How was your first date? But first holiday spent together?

Now you know why these small details mattered so much. Well, nothing prevents sparks from the beginning to be restored back to your relationship. You simply need a little help from us and some free time.

Here’s how to escape the routine which took possession of your relationship:

1. A mini vacation -The beauty of the weekend spent at mountain sites or in the European metropolis lies precisely in the short period in witch is unfold. Get rid of the reservations, baggage, nanny and everything. Get one weekend just for you! Drop 2 Dresses in the suitcase, get your lover by the hand and go!


2. An unannounced visit

For months you want to make a surprise to your lover, but you fail to find a free evening. What to do? Dress differently at the office and in the lunch break call him to drink a coffee. If your have one hour break, twenty-something minutes will remain when you can determine what to do tonight.

3. Your place

The bedroom is not your only sanctuary, you can use a guest room or basement! Make that place so he can play a little of your story.Use this place to be away from everyday problems and to enjoy a few moments together. No need to spend much time there, just to you remember how much you count for each other.

4. Naughty texts and promises

It’s not easy to be super-hot with some childs constantly walking around you and ask you to play with them. And it’s not easier when you’re at work and your colleagues always want something from you.

But even in these situations you can find a few minutes to send a clear message to your lover and promise him an exciting meeting.

5. Exercise together
Not many couples realize how important it is to spend hours in the gym together. You will be fit and happy at the same time.

Use every moment to enjoy your partner and to show that your relationship has changed, even if there are a few small problems.
6. News and happiness
Your relationship is not a fight, not a demonstration for your strength of conviction, but a representation of your happiness. So enjoy all you have and try to improve your relationship in any way.

Never say no before you try and don’t let your lover to think only your decisions matter.

It’s the only way you could escape the routine and enjoy your relationship.

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