Smock Your Tot Personalized Beach Towel Review

Shopping at Etsy isn’t something new for me. In fact, this is one of my most favorite online shopping sites.  It’s actually like going to a local bazaar where you can find unique items and chat with the people who create them – only, Etsy is online.  Call it a virtual marketplace if you will.  Discovering new products and items that can be personalized make shopping at Etsy so much fun. Moreover, you can converse directly with a supplier or a seller.  The site also makes it easy for you to put up a small business and sell products yourself.


Going back to shopping, I found a really cute beach towel for my little Sean in one of my Etsy shopping sprees.  It was a personalized beach towel from Smock Your Tot.  There were more than half a dozen colors to choose from and I opted for a vibrant red towel – red being one of my son’s fave colors.    Then I choose a Mickey Mouse appliqué and white thread for the embroidery.  I must say that I am very happy with how the personalized towel turned out.  The white embroidery of Sean’s name was in perfect contrast with red and was even in Disney font.  To borrow Mickey’s own words, “That sure is swell!”
 photo beachtowel2_zps275d4f3d.jpg
Personalized beach towels from Smock Your Tot are all made from 100% cotton and measures 30” x 54”.  There’s also a wide variety of appliqués to choose from including Whale, Crab, Jellyfish, Pink Flamingo, Starfish, Horse and Anchor.  If there’s a particular design you want, you can also ask to have an appliquéd customized according to your preference.

 photo beachtowel3_zpseb4aafff.jpg

 photo beachtowel4_zps5a9f51e4.jpg
Smock Your Tot claims to be “the best place to find Clothing and Accessories for you special Tots and a few things for Mom, too.”  And, they are right!  Aside from these personalized towels, they also offer personalized clothing, bags, and accessories for kids and moms. Do check them out next time you shop at Etsy. You can also follow them on their Website  |Facebook page

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  1. Brandy Myers says

    I love Etsy and the unique finds. These towels are adorable and would make great gifts.

  2. Cassie says

    very cute! looks like good quality too

  3. Samantha G. says

    That’s adorable! I love that it came in Disney font to go along with the Mickey applique.

  4. Sarah L says

    Etsy is such a fun place to shop for unique items. This towel is cute.

  5. Jennifer Dysart says

    Adorable! Would love a towel like this the next time we go to WDW!

  6. rochelle haynes says


  7. Betsy Barnes says

    It looks like it is made well and the name in white really “pops”. I’m going to check them out, thanks 🙂

  8. natalie nichols says

    This is so cute. I would love to get one of these for my son! He needs a new towel! 🙂

  9. Sarah L says

    I want a princess towel for my grand daughter. She’d love it.

  10. An effective way to get nice things that our children will adore them. And I love them too so much!

  11. Jeanine says

    What a cute idea! Thanks for doing a review on this- it gives me a great idea for a gift!

  12. This is so coollll! I like that for kids because then you won’t los thir stuff so easily especially in places like the beach or public swimming pools.

  13. Arlene Whitfield says

    My son would love this! He is a Mickey fanatic!

  14. md kennedy says

    Another Etsy winner! These would be great for camp!

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