Soda Stream Review

Written by Liza

While watching a television which we normally do as a family, we came across a commercial that my kids said they want to “have one of those”. You know how kids would like to have everything that they see on TV? Be it pair of shoes, trip to Disneyworld, or some kind of cereal or yogurt. With those “can I have those” questions, my answer would always be “sure, how many do you want?”

One time, they have seen the commercial for soda stream. You know, the one that says, you can turn your regular water to any drink that you want, cola or fruity flavor. The one commercial was kind of convincing and looked so interesting. Of course, my kids said, they want to have one of those and see if it’s true. I guess, they were amazed on how can water turn into soda. Although I don’t let them drink soda unless there’s a special events at the house, I was thinking, why not, it could be a fun thing to have.

Our sodastream kit

To make the story short, I had an opportunity to receive a soda stream, to try and see what I think. I got so excited when it finally arrived. I had to wait for my husband since reading direction is not my thing. I didn’t want to mess it up. The whole box itself was kind of big and heavy, I was like “what’s in it?” When I took everything out, I ended up having so much stuff. I guess, it was the starter kit and there were variety of flavors to choose from. My eyes got so big and started lining up all the flavors that I believed my kids would loved.

Carbonating the cold water Water after carbonation

Each bottle of the soda flavors says I can make 25 liters per bottle and how many bottles I have? I have at least 7 flavors and some other freebies. Hubby came home and without waiting for him to get some rest, I asked him if he can try to make us a home made soda. And since it was the queen of the house that spoken, he started looking for the instruction in English since there were so many different languages you can choose from. We first tried the unsweetened flavor and because it was the first time, we didn’t know how many times you press the button to carbonate the cold water.

You know how the first time of trying always end up going to waste? Yep, it happened to us too. I thought that the whole thing was not going to work, but then hubby finally found the one that had the instruction that was easy to follow. He made a liter of cola flavor, and guess what? It was delicious! As if it was out of the can. Now the kids were always waiting daddy to come home so they can have a home made soda. Everyday, the have a scheduled flavor and they are loving it.

Pouring the raspberry flavor My daughter enjoying the finished product

When we go on a trip, we don’t have to buy assorted soda to carry with us, all we need is our soda stream unit, some flavors that the kids picked and cold water from our cooler and voila! we have an unlimited supply of soda. Very portable and affordable too. It is best to use during special events and the party will go on and on and on!

My recommendation to you is, get one and see what I mean. Now, our whole family enjoy our home made soda and we don’t buy from the store anymore. We have every flavor that we want and we can always order anytime.


  1. maribel ramirez says

    I want one too, although im not much of a soda drinker I like drinking fruit juice with dififferent flavors especially pineapple and orange.

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