Some Things People Looking for Movers with Storage Ask About

Some Things People Looking for Movers with Storage Ask about

A lot of people who are moving home find that there is a period of time between them moving out of one property and into the next one. This is why DC movers most often also offer storage facilities. However, this is leading to people having a number of pertinent questions. Hopefully, the FAQ below will help you have some of those questions answered.

Some Things People Looking for Movers with Storage Ask About

1 – How Big of a Unit Do I Need?

If you are dealing with a moving company and they provide you with storage, the size of the unit is not of your concern. If, however, you are opting for self-storage, you will have to make sure that the unit is the right size. Try to think about what will be going into the unit. Remember that you can stack things on top of each other as well. Do also make sure you know how to pack, putting the most important items in last, so that you can reach them if need be. Do also feel free to speak to a DC moving company about your needs, as they will usually be able to give you a lot of advice.

2 – Do I Need Climate Control

Climate controlled units are becoming increasingly popular. However, they are also a lot more expensive. These units are designed to help protect your belongings from weather extremes. If you want to keep clothing, works of art or wooden furniture, then climate control could be very important. Without it, you may find that mildew develops on your clothes, that paintings start to disintegrate, and that your wood starts to warp. Climate control tends to include both heating and air conditioning and these are often set automatically so that the climate remains consistent. You will also need to set it so that it is suitable for whatever items you need to protect.

3 – What about Insurance?

Some self-storage facilities come with insurance, particularly if you use it in conjunction with a moving company. However, this is not always the case, so do make sure that you look into it. If your unit is not insured, make sure you go online to price compare the best insurance for you. Generally speaking, some insurance will be in place, particularly for natural disasters. However, this is often not enough to cover you, so looking into the policies is always a good idea.

Some Things People Looking for Movers with Storage Ask About1

4 – What about Self-Storage Auctions?

Most of us have seen programs like Storage Hunters, Storage Wars and Storage Wars Texas. In these, abandoned self-storage units are put up for auction. If you were to hire a storage facility but not pay for the rent, then the owners of the unit may auction off the contents of your unit to pay for the missed rent and to once again have an available facility. Naturally, if you pay your rent as you are supposed to, your belongings will not be auctioned off, no matter how long you keep the facility.

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