Spicing Up Your Marriage

Every marriage has its ups and downs but you have to remember in marriage, as in life, it’s not about who was right and who was wrong, it’s about lasting long. So whether you are in a marriage, or a relationship that mimics that of a marriage type paradigm, you have to keep in mind that relationships don’t just run on their own. Like an engine they need regular maintenance to make sure you’re still on track.

Maintenance could be as simple as regularly engaging in conversations that go a little deeper than, how was your day dear? Healthy debate and discussion ensures you are perfectly in tune with each other’s view points and emotions. The physical side of a relationship is just as important as the emotional aspects and as such necessitates its own time and effort.

Often other responsibilities in life can monopolise time earmarked for your relationship, the biggest of these is your children. Taking time to yourselves in no way indicates a lack of parenting, in fact, children who grow up in an environment that is based on a healthy relationship make for far more rounded adults.

In this, consider taking regular intervals from other responsibilities to simply be in each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, it can be time alone spent in your own home. It’s really easy to create a romantic atmosphere in any situation with candles, wine, fruit etc.

Remaining well-kept is a big part of injecting a little romance into your relationship. Many people get a little too comfortable within a long term relationship which can lead to a case of going through the motions in all aspects, which isn’t good. If you put a little effort in to your appearance, your other half will feel grateful.

It’s not rocket science; men, get rid of those scruffy old sweats and into a nice suit once in a while. Ladies a little sexy lingerie never hurts, spontaneity in this area can do wonders for the physical element of your relationship. Perhaps you could invest in some new underwear, the same tired look can get a little stale so why not put in the effort to track down the sexiest lingerie UK retailers such as Ann Summers have to offer?!






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