Stay at Home Dad

Nowadays, stay at home parent is no longer limited to moms; there are stay at home dads too. Most kids will have the tendency to miss their moms and are not used to having dads inside the house. Having an at home parent means that the family would need to adjust on having a single source of income.

Being a stay at home Dad does not mean that you have to be a homemaker. A wife should not expect a spotless home when she arrives from work. However, it is not good to expect your wife to still clean up the mess after a day’s work. Maintaining the household is the responsibility of the entire family members.

There are not too many dads who are stay at home; and it can get quite lonely. It is important to have a support system for stay at home dads. Planning events and activities outside the house can also ease the boredom that a first time stay at home dad. Bringing the kids to a park or simple ride at the bus can break the routine of the daily activities.

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