Step Up and Protect Your Kids from Online Predators

While computers are considered to be a very useful tool that makes things easier and faster, it also has its cons and one of them is the security threat that it poses especially to kids. Even at a young age, kids today are well adept with the internet and with all the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; they can easily communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world.

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The presence of online predators or those individuals that could harm your kid should keep parents on their toes with regards to allowing their kids to use the computer. So how can you keep them away from this type of threat? There are a number of security and privacy software that offer features such as parental lock wherein you can filter the sites that your child could visit. It could also block potential websites that are adult and mature in nature and could be a breeding ground for online predators.

It is also very important to teach your kids about these issues without having to sound very alarming. Explain to them the risk of meeting an unknown individual that could potentially do them harm. Prevent them from joining online chat forums or forums where they have the chance to interact with people that could be using a different identity.

While it may not be possible to protect and watch your kids 24/7, it is ideal to monitor them and their activities at home. Watch out for signs that might indicate a change in their behavior. It will also be best to limit their time in front of the computer especially if they are unsupervised.


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  1. My nephew is so good already with the internet that at times I get alarmed when he stumbles on sites that he shouldn’t be reading yet.

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