Steps to Protect Your Family From Bed Bugs

A part of almost every family vacation includes at least one night at hotel. These trips are almost always filled with great memory creating moments. Kids jumping on beds, trips to the hotel swimming pool, waking early for the free breakfast buffet are all wonderful experiences that your family will cherish for forever.

But, staying at the wrong hotel can quickly turn a positive family experience into a nightmare. A dirty hotel room, or old bathroom can make you really question the safety of your family. The worst problem is one that is often difficult to see, Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs can quickly take over a mattress, cling to any type of fabric, and before you know it, sneak it’s way into your home after a single night stay in a questionable bed. Below are 7 steps to follow to ensure you protect your family from the unwanted pests.

Step 1 – Leave Your Luggage At The Door


Before you bring anything into a hotel room you’ll want to check everything over. Bringing your bags or other fabrics into the room could allow a bug or two to jump into your luggage and travel with you to your destination and eventually to your home.

Step 2 – Check out the Bed!


Stripped the bed of all it’s sheets and blankets. You’ll want to take a close look at the mattress, the seams around the edge, any random folds, and even between the mattress and the box-spring. Look for spotting, shed skins, or eggs. You may even see a bed bug yourself.

Step 3 – Lift up That Box Spring

After you’ve checked the mattress, lift up the box-spring for a complete review. Bed bugs like to hide in dark and folded areas.

Step 4 – Check the Headboard

Look on the front and the back of a headboard. Look for the same bugs, spotting, shed skins, and eggs. While not fabric, headboards are often places that bed bugs will rest or find cover.

Step 5 – Check the Nightstand

Like the headboard, a bed bug can often be found on the furniture on either side of the bed. Be sure to look in the drawers and through anything inside them.

Step 6 – The Closet

After you’ve checked the bed and surrounding area, head over to the closet. The first thing inside the closet that you’ll want to check is the ironing board. Bed Bugs love fabric, even that found on the top of an iron.

Step 7 – The Couch or Chair

While not every hotel room includes additional furniture, if yours does be sure to check the couch or chair for any signs of bugs. Look at the base, pull up the cushions, and pull out a couch-bed if one exists. Especially if your children will be sleeping on them.

Safe for Sleeping

After you’ve completed the steps above and you’re comfortable with the results, bring in your bags and ask housekeeping to come make up the beds again. Your night stay at the hotel should be bed bug free and you’ll be free spending the time creating great memories with your family.

Dan Hinckley works with Moxie Pest Control,a pest control company. He loves spending time with his family in a pest-free environment.


  1. That will be really a nightmare to stay in that kind of hotel.Thanks for your tips,I will check it first the hotel before staying there.

  2. We have stayed in a hotel where you can’t see a single cockroach but you can SMELL them. Gross. But it’s the cheapest in town. It’s in CDO, PI.


  3. We haven’t had bedbugs nightmare while staying at an unfamiliar place, fortunately. But this is a really thorough article that helps. Now I know what to do to make sure we’re bedbug-free!

  4. musing of a working mom says

    what a nice tips, this is indeed helpful.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I remember staying in this hotel in Tagaytay and all I did all night was scratch. Great tips though. 🙂

  6. Bedbugs are gross! I have not had the chance to see one, fortunately and I hope I don’t, ever!

    Thanks for the tips, I never thought to look behind the head board or the cabinets! My goodness, these little critters not only hide in the bed/sheets now! eww!

  7. These are really great tips! Actually, I never bothered to check hotel beds for bed bugs, but now that you mentioned it, I definitely will each and every time I’m sleeping somewhere else aside from my own bed.

  8. These are great tips! I found some bed bugs in one of the softest chair in my computer shop one day. Nightmare talaga!

  9. rj's mama says

    very good tips! bed bugs, the exact reason why I don’t like staying in a cheap hotel when we travel.

  10. We do not have that here but when I was in the college wow a lot of rooms in the dormitory where I stayed have tons of it. Thanks for the tips…

  11. Yay! I dont do that! And now i think i should. I will keep this in mind kasi we always travel with the kids

  12. Thanks for your tips! I often just go ahead and not check for bedbugs because I assume that all hotel rooms are clean and bug free.

  13. Oh definitely! A bad hotel can almost ruin the entire trip or vacation. Oh dear! That is why kahit mahal minsan we go to hotels that are known to be of good service and of good quality. Even then still not 100% clean, pero at least it is always nice to be aware and know what to do once you get to the room. We always carry with us some sanitizers and disinfectants. Phones and remote controls are dirty as well. Oh dear! Those bed bugs infestation are sure nasty and definitely not fun sleeping in a bed infested with bed bugs. Oh dear! Gotta make sure you won’t carry those bugs home with you in your luggage. Always take your luggage straight to the laundry room and wash everything.

  14. This is what I am scared of, that why I’m really choosy in choosing a place to stay on vacations. Great tips, especially keeping the luggage far away from the bed and couches. We don’t want to take home these buggers.

  15. Great tips! And whenever we go travel and stay in a hotel, I always inspect the beds and I don’t use their comforter as I know some hotels will just change the linens and reuse the comforters or top covers. I bring along blankets for my kids to use as well if ever I find the bedding are scratchy to my touch.

  16. Freaky bedbugs! I don’t like them! Thanks for the share.

  17. dorry lyn says

    thanks for this helpful tips.. will try this at home 🙂

  18. Maria Teresa says

    I hate bed bugs! I’ll keep these tips in mind when we check in at a hotel again. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Very nice tips sis. When we come home from travelling, the bags are left in the living room and are cleaned prior to storage. 😀 I hate the thought of our luggage rolling on floors and brought inside the bedroom. LOL

  20. These are helpful tips! I can definitely check on the good points you cited when we have our vacation this November. It’s really hard to look for a clean hotel and bed bug-free bed.

    Every time, my family go on a vacation, I always check the bed and the comfort room. Now, through your blog, I already knew that I should check other areas too.

  21. Safe sleeping indeed. Parents like us should always protect our family and these tips will truly help. I actually read each tips and I will apply it when we have a vacation in the hotel.

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