Summer’s Over Too Soon: Awesome Outdoor Family Activities to Keep Everyone Entertained

Summer’s Over Too Soon: Awesome Outdoor Family Activities to Keep Everyone Entertained


Summer is a window of opportunity for you and your family that you want to make the most of and create some great memories as well as providing some awesome entertainment.


Here are some ideas for some great outdoor family activities, including a way to encourage your children to develop a green thumb, getting up close with nature, plus a fun way to let off steam.


Getting your yard into shape


If you are looking for an activity that is very close to home what better way than to encourage your kids to join you in the yard for a spot of gardening?


Kids can quickly grow to love the challenges and rewards you get with preparing a vegetable patch and tidying up in general, especially if they see something they planted spring into life a few weeks later.


You can get the little ones to pull up weeds and water the flowers with their own watering can and if you find them something easy to plant that grows quickly, it will encourage them to learn more about where some of their food comes from.


They will love a bug safari


Load up your Jeep Renegade or whatever it is you are driving, with nets, a magnifying glass and a few jars, then head off on a bug hunting safari.


Insects and wildlife can be found all around us so you can pick a variety of different venues if you fancy the idea of going on more than one bug safari through the summer.


Make a list of the different bugs you would like to try and find like worms, frogs, and even lizards, and if you can find some tadpoles or show your kids some ants performing some weight-carrying heroics, they will love learning about nature.


Head for the beach


The perfect summer combination as far as most kids are concerned is sun, sand, and sea, so it would be a shame to disappoint them.


There are a number of different games and activities you can do when you decide to spend a day at the beach and with a bit of advanced planning you can also collect some bits from your trip that will provide another activity for a rainy day.


As well as letting them having some fun building sandcastles and having a splash about in the water with you by their side, you could also challenge them to a game of musical towels. Lay out the beach towels, put on a classic summer tune and see who can be the last one standing.


At some point in the day give your kids a bucket and spend some time gathering some shells which you can take home with you and then enjoy a craft day when you want some indoor time.


Time for a hike


Kids have a lot of natural energy and curiosity which means you can cover both those angles if you plan to take them on a hike.


A scenic stroll ticks a lot of boxes as you get the chance to let them use up some of that energy with a hike plus you get the chance to show them what nature has to offer by talking about the plants and wildlife that you encounter during your trip.


Make the most of when the sun comes out to play and plan some exciting and interesting adventures with your kids, keeping them occupied with some activities that don’t have to cost much but can be great fun.

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