Sunburn Safety Tips

Sun exposure can bring more hazards to your skin; it is very much different from being exposed to lights like chandeliers. Sunburn may appear after a long day at the park, beach or even just walking under the sun. When sunburn happens, usually you would experience a sensation of heat on the skin. Sunburn may become severe after several hours of sun exposure.

To remedy the pain and heat sensation, you can do the following:

• Apply wet compress to the skin or you may take a cool (but not cold) bath to ease the pain.

• On sunburned areas, you can apply pure aloe Vera gel in order to feel more comfortable.

• Moisturizing cream can help rehydrate the skin and it could treat itchiness too. Enjoy summer heat without worrying about damaged or sunburned skin later on. Do not forget to apply sunscreen before exposing yourself under the sun.

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