Dust Mites Out: Get Those Little Critters Off Your Interiors

These little critters might be lurking in your home no matter how clean you think your interiors are.  Your kids might suddenly have small itchy bumps after a romp on the living room carpet or might suddenly wheeze after napping on the couch.  These could be warning signs that you might have dust mites in […]

Guide to Cleaning Carpet Stains

No home furnishing is complete without a nice rug or carpet. It adds flair and character to an otherwise dreary living room floor. But when that steaming hot cup of coffee finds its contents all over your carpet, you may feel the urgent need to call on the best carpet cleaners raleigh nc has to […]

Carpet Care Tips

Have you noticed that your carpets at home become too loaded with dirt and mites during summer? It’s better to remove them during this season before your family gets sick because of them. However, if they are installed permanently, as in wall-to-wall carpeting, here are some ways to clean them: 1. HAND ABSORPTION: It is […]

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