Budget Summer Field Trips

The sun’s up and the kids are out of school. Keeping them cooped up at home could turn your well-kept rooms into a madhouse. If you have a brood of three, or four, or five needing to be enrolled in summer classes and recreational programs, that could mean a whole lot of money. However, here […]

Bonding Through Bingo

We are all too familiar with the scenario: groups of gray-haired, slightly hunched back senior citizens in their high-waisted trousers flock to bingo halls to try their luck at the game.  Although bingo has long been associated with old people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s meant solely for that age group.   Bingo is an […]

Family Time is Tops

Time and again, it has been said that the most precious gift you can give the people you love is the gift of time. Unlike money or lost toys, time is not something you can make up for. Once it has passed, it’s gone forever. It’s inevitable, though, that our work eats up some, if […]

Strengthening Family Ties

Most parents are working the whole day; as a matter of fact it is very rare to find a family wherein only one of the parents is working. Usually both parents work for the family’s financial needs. Hence, family bonding time is very important to strengthen the family ties. There are a lot of bonding […]

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