Spending Better Times with the People Who Matter Most

With the busy lives people live today, it is very easy to take quality family time for granted.  That you are all home under one roof does not mean that you are spending quality time with the rest of the family.  In some homes, every member of the family can all be in the same […]

Discovering the Joys of Reading

One of the things parents today complain about is the difficulty in getting their kids to read.  It’s easy to blame the television, the computer, and the electronic gadgets for the kids’ lack of interest in reading.  But, it really does start from us parents. If our kids do not see us reading in the […]

Bonding Through Bingo

We are all too familiar with the scenario: groups of gray-haired, slightly hunched back senior citizens in their high-waisted trousers flock to bingo halls to try their luck at the game.  Although bingo has long been associated with old people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s meant solely for that age group.   Bingo is an […]

Walking With the Family

As long as the weather permits, a good bonding and fitness activity you can do with the whole family is walking. Whatever fitness level you’re at, walking is the perfect exercise. Think of the fitness benefits walking gives you. You get a full body workout, as you get your heart pumping with every step you […]

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