How to Support Your Teen Through Eating Disorder Treatment

How to Support Your Teen Through Eating Disorder Treatment When your child start treatment for their eating disorder, you will likely experience a mix of emotions. You might feel relieved that they received a diagnosis and are getting help. You may also feel anxious and scared, as any parent would. Fortunately, there are ways that […]

A Pat on the Back Goes a Long Way

It’s not only you who need to be recognized for your efforts every once in a while.  Even your children need to be validated by praise and recognition.  In a lot of cases, your verbal acknowledgement of a job well done is better than any other material “prize” that you can give to your child.  […]

Giving Due Praise: How Much Praise is Enough

Parents should understand that there is a right way of giving that all important praise and recognition.  Give too little and you could have an insecure child.  On the contrary, you might have a self-absorbed and cocky child when you give too much.  Praise and recognition should be given for the right things and at […]

Efficient Mommies On-the-Go

  The challenge that most mommies today face is the need to fit a multitude of tasks in every single day.  Stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms are no different from working moms in the long list of errands that they have to complete.  All of us moms need to be efficient.  And that means planning […]

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