Smock Your Tot Personalized Beach Towel Review

Shopping at Etsy isn’t something new for me. In fact, this is one of my most favorite online shopping sites.  It’s actually like going to a local bazaar where you can find unique items and chat with the people who create them – only, Etsy is online.  Call it a virtual marketplace if you will.  […]

List of 7 Must Have Gadgets For Your Home

Gadgets & Appliances you should get for your Home Nowadays the average person leads a very busy lifestyle. Working full time and having a social life can mean that there is little time to look after the home or everyone in it. Luckily we live in a world that is full of great technology, so […]

I See Me: Gifts That Make Children Feel Well-Loved and Special

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’d be well aware of how much I love personalized products for my young son; more so, personalized books that include Sean in the story.  Naturally, I was thrilled to be given a chance to review a personalized book from I See Me. The Who […]

Frecklebox: A Name To Remember

Cute little children deserve only the cutest stuff and my little Sean is definitely one cutie who deserves to be showered with everything cute. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for sites that offer unique items. Well, what’s more unique than having your child’s name plastered on various items and written in books? Frecklebox […]

Posy Lane Duffel Bag Review

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