Mommie’s Cash Saving Tips on Summer Activities

It is always a good time to schedule special activities for your children during the summer.  Being away from school does not mean that the educational activities should stop.  It also does not mean that you should send them off to summer school for some advance classes.  There are fun learning activities that you can […]

Summerizing Tips for Your Home

The cold winter season can make your home stuffy and musty.  Airing out your home and bringing out your sheer curtains is the first thing that you should do once the summer sun’s rays start knocking on your doors.  There are several other little things that you should take note of in order to summerize […]

The Value of Getting Kids Into Sports

Summer is a great time to get your kids into sports.  Don’t waste the good weather by cooping up inside the house.  Instead of letting your kids be couch potatoes watching dvds all summer long or allowing them to stay in front of the computer playing games or chatting with their friends in popular social networking sites, why […]

This Summer, Never Leave Home Without…

It’s hot and humid and there are just things a busy mom should never be without when she leaves home.  The most obvious must-haves during this season is sunblock.  No matter how wonderful that tanned bikini babe looks on the poster at the surf shop, the truth is that too much sun can damage your […]

Things to do to prepare your yard for summer

During summer, outdoor activities are always fun. For many of us, Spring time is the best time of the year and also, the best time to get your yard in-shape and get prepared for summer. Below are some of the things that you can do to prepare your yard for summer. • Control pests – […]

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