Soak Up the Sun, Load Up on H2O

There is no other perfect time to be out in the sun but in the summer.  While you are soaking up some sun, do not forget to protect yourself too.  Environmental experts are one in stressing that the sun is getting hotter due to the damage in the earth’s atmosphere.  You do not want to […]

Cooling Summer Days Efficiently

Air conditioners are considered to be essential appliances in most modern homes especially during the hot summer months.  You have to make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly lest you be caught by unexpected repairs right in the middle of the sweltering heat.  A properly maintained AC unit can also bring down your electric […]

DIY Home Décor Projects

Making your own home décor can be a fun and money-saving project to undertake.  There are online websites where you can get some ideas in do-it-yourself home décor projects.  Visiting your local craft store might also give you interesting finds in DIY kits for fun home décor.  Some of the quick and easy ones that […]

Snacks for Hungry Little Tummies

Some of the most active days of our children are in the summer.  They spend a lot of time running around the house, playing out in the yard, or engaging in other summer activities.  They are either active or hungry – no, they do not seem to tire at all to want to hop on […]

Mommie’s Cash Saving Tips on Summer Activities

It is always a good time to schedule special activities for your children during the summer.  Being away from school does not mean that the educational activities should stop.  It also does not mean that you should send them off to summer school for some advance classes.  There are fun learning activities that you can […]

Summerizing Tips for Your Home

The cold winter season can make your home stuffy and musty.  Airing out your home and bringing out your sheer curtains is the first thing that you should do once the summer sun’s rays start knocking on your doors.  There are several other little things that you should take note of in order to summerize […]

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