Take Care of Your Teak Furniture

Image credit: adventuretravelingguide.com

The teak  furniture is much expensive compare to other furniture made of wood. It is definitely more expensive than those made of oak, rosewood or cedar.  Thus the Teak Indonesian furniture is more resistant to termites because of the natural oils and silica found in the teak wood. Although furniture made of teak are sturdy and durable, it is still best to know how to properly take care of them in order to maintain its natural beauty for longer time.

The natural color of teak wood is similar to honey shade. As the wood furniture age, it would turn into silvery-greyish shade. However, if the teak Indonesian furniture turns into shady green; it means that the wood is untreated. To make sure that the teak wood would retain its natural color, you must apply varnish on it.

Sanding the teak  furniture would help in retaining the gold lustre of the wood. Simply scrub-off the upper layer of the wood furniture. Just be extra careful not to rub too much because it can damage the furniture. Application of teak oil is a good way to replace the natural oils that were lost because of sanding. This will also help in retaining the color of your teak wood furniture.

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