It’s All Taken Care Of: How to Find a Hotel that Meets Your Family’s Needs

It’s All Taken Care Of: How to Find a Hotel that Meets Your Family’s Needs


When you envision a perfectly perfect family getaway, what do you see? Will you spend your vacation at a mostly kid-centric venue, or do you check into a hotel that caters to adults? In the interest of happy family vacations for all, we’re going to tell you how to pick accommodation that offers amenities for every family member, no matter what their age.


The right location can make a world of difference


You’ve heard realtors say it again and again: Location, location, location. Look for a hotel that is centrally situated in a region you wish to explore as a family. Employ an online mapping service to find eateries and entertainment nearby. The website of your hotel probably offers a lot of good local suggestions, too. Print out a map, mark your choices, and note driving times to streamline your exploration. A little research prior to checking into JW Marriott Country Resort and Spa or other property can make a big difference in your family vacation day, explains Lasso The Moon magazine.


Don’t depend on star ratings alone


When shopping for a family friendly hotel property, don’t rely on star ratings alone. While a five-star hotel may appear to be the best option, there are a whole lot of other things to take into consideration, too. If your kids like to swim, and you want to golf, your priority might be to seek lodging that provides access to both. A hotel with a kid’s concierge or on-site babysitting service can give mom and dad a chance to commune whilst the children are happily entertained. Free parking, unlimited free Internet, and a no-charge breakfast are other worthwhile amenities that can make a vacation comfortable for each family member.


The type of room in which you stay can make a big difference, too. When traveling with your spouse alone, a king size bed can be ideal. When co-sleeping with kids, opt for a suite or at least a room with multiple beds. Older teens may stay in an adjacent room, but you’ll need to book early to reserve such accommodation.


Nice amenities for the whole family


On-site dining is one hotel amenity you won’t want to miss. After a day of exploration and adventure, finding a restaurant and dressing for dinner may be the very last thing you want to do. Enjoy an evening of room service, and let the kids order anything they like. Some hotels offer complimentary snacks along with cocktails for adults and fanciful mocktails for your progeny, note family vacation gurus at Travel Mamas magazine.


When you are packing for your family vacation, be sure to take along a few easy, non-electronic amusements to keep the kids entertained. Coloring books, crayons (in a zip back to protect garments) and real paper books offer hours of fun. Fill your hotel fridge with healthful snacks to munch whilst watching a family friendly movie on your hotel television.

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