Taking Care of a Baby on the Move

Taking Care of a Baby on the Move

Taking Care of a Baby on the Move

Taking a young child anywhere, whether it’s a stroll round the block or an international trip, can feel like organizing an army campaign. With rations, supplies, and transport to think about, as well as contingency plans in case something goes wrong. Knowing what to bring, plus a few extra tricks, can help ensure the operation runs smoothly.

Because there’s such a lot of equipment involved, pack smart. Baby change bags have room for everything you’ll need on the move, like diapers and bottles, and include a changing mat. They also come in a huge range of funky designs and prints, to suit any style.

If you’re making a long journey, consider travelling at night to increase the chance of your baby sleeping through the whole thing, or at least a large proportion of it. Small children enjoy being out and about while wearing their pajamas, and it means you can pop them straight into bed on arrival. Sleepsuits make comfortable travel wear for younger babies, too, and allow for easier changes on the move.

Although many hotels offer cot beds for babies, you might prefer to bring your own travel cot. You’ll be sure it’s safe, and your baby may sleep better if they’re in a familiar bed. Many travel cots can also be used as a playpen.

If your baby has a favourite blanket or toy, make sure it comes along too, but don’t forget it when you head home! Something new to play with can also help journeys pass more quickly. If you’re in the car, a CD or MP3s of nursery songs can soothe a baby to sleep or entertain a wakeful one. On trains and aeroplanes, toddling, or being carried, up and down the aisle occasionally provides a change of scenery and a chance to stretch little legs.

Always anticipate being out for longer than you’d planned. Flights can be delayed, traffic can be slow, or you might simply bump into an old friend while shopping in town. Make sure you have enough supplies to cover a few more hours than your journey should take, or, for longer trips, for an extra overnight stay.

Everyone loves a baby, so expect staff at hotels, restaurants and airlines to help out as best they can, whether you need to heat a bottle, find a chemist, or track down a missing toy.

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