Taking Care of your Leather Coats

So you have purchased the leather coats that have wanted for so long. While you always go that extra mile to flaunt your coat, it is necessary to take adequate care of the same. The pricey fabric needs to be taken care of and stored properly so that it looks like new every time you wear it. All your woes regarding your favorite coat can be put to rest if you know how to take care of them.


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Storing the leather coat properly can prevent the shine on the coat from fading away. The fabric will continue to retain its shape and structure even after prolonged use.  You can easily store this bit of fabric, if you are willing to adopt the necessary steps to take care of them, especially when winter gives way to spring.

Prior to storing you leather coats, it is necessary that you clean them properly. After the season is over, you should ideally clean them, get rid of all the dirt and stains and then store them for future use. For regular cleaning, you can moisten a piece of cloth and wipe your leather coats with it. If your coat has been stained by any chance, you can take the help of a professional cleaner to ensure that the stain is properly removed. Tough stains can be difficult to get rid of especially as the leather coat will oxidize.

It is advisable to store the coats in a cool place. Leather coats have a tendency to expand when they are exposed to heat. That is why you need to ensure that leather coats are stored away from bulbs or vents, which might be exposed to heat or warm air. If the coat expand, it is impossible to make it shrink or restore it to its original size.

If you have a suede coat, then it is necessary to brush them properly prior to storage. You can use a small suede brush for this purpose, one that comes with short bristles so as to remove any pieces of napped leather.  In order to clean the coat properly, you need to gently rub the brush against the grain of the coat to remove the dirt.

It is best to put your leather coats on padded or wooden hangers to keep them in perfect condition.  A plastic hanger will not be able to support the sheer weight of the coat.

Following these basic and simple steps will ensure that your coats last long.


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