Taming Your Sleeping Patterns With Effective Window Treatments

Taming Your Sleeping Patterns With Effective Window Treatments

Some people may say that they survive on four hours’ worth of sleep; we disagree. Sleep is something that has garnered a lot of attention over recent years, mainly because of all the studies which have been conducted about it. In short, experts have concluded that it’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep – and this doesn’t just cover the number of hours we spend resting on the pillow.


In other words, the quality of sleep is absolutely crucial if you want to approach the next day in your full, complete self. Fortunately, this is something that can be manipulated. We’re not talking about the sleep calculators here (they are something we’re not entirely convinced about), but the tips you can implement to ensure that when you do hit the pillow, you’re doing so in the right way.

You’ve probably already realized that the bulk of this guide is going to focus on window treatments, with this simply because they control the main issue that can play havoc with our sleeping patterns – natural light. In short, too much natural light can disturb your sleep, even if you don’t consciously know it.

Bearing this in mind, investing in a window blind that will block out as much of this natural light as possible should be top of your priority list. The traditional blackout blind is the obvious solution here and rather than light peeking through the slats at silly o’clock, you’re given complete darkness until the dreaded alarm sounds. Ultimately, this means that you’re in a much better sleeping state – and you’ll be much fresher for the day ahead.

Sometimes it’s not always about the night itself though. What we’re referring to here is the temperature of your room. It might be easy to wrap up in the cold, but in summer there’s nothing worse than tossing and turning only to realize that sleep just isn’t possible due to the ridiculous temperature.


This is where strategic window treatment management through the course of the day enters the picture. If you’ve already opted for blackout blinds to control the light, the only realistic option now is to make them into a motorized system. Following this route might sound expensive, but it’s the sure-fire way to control temperature (and save on air con bills, may we add) through the course of the day. Programming a timer to shut out the sun’s rays during the day can keep your room cool, and subsequently tolerable, and you don’t need to prepare for battle with the duvet every time you climb into bed.

The motorized option can promote a whole host of other opportunities as well. In the winter, it can keep out the cold, and prevent the opposite problem from occurring. Additionally, they can be used to wake you up naturally by gradually allowing natural light into your bedroom. The point we’re trying to make is that there are now so many blinds products out there that can help you with a good night’s sleep, which will improve your general quality of life at the same time.


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