Tassimo T20 Beverage System & Coffee Brewer Giveaway

The Tassimo T20 Beverage System & Coffee Brewer by Bosch features a sleek space saving design while holding a 51 ounce water tank to keep you from constantly refilling it. Plus, it has an innovative flow-through water heater that allows the machine to begin working instantly and practically eliminates any waiting time for making drinks. I love the simplicity of the machine. You only have two buttons. Your ON/OFF button. And one large round button to start your beverage. Super simple to use.

The Tassimo T20 Beverage System & Coffee Brewer comes in three different colors including Gray, White, or White and Gray. You can even customize it a bit further with the availability of four color inlays: Mint Blue, Hazelnut Brown, Lime Green, and Strawberry Red. These inlays can be popped out and changed very easily to match your kitchen or just your personality. The gray beverage system with a red color insert really adds a splash of color to the kitchen counter and brightens up each cup of coffee.

I have to say I’m rather impressed with the single-serve brewbot, because it is uniquely different than any other coffee machine I have ever used before. The Tassimo T20 is actually intelligent in it uses ” ingenious T DISCs” marked with a unique bar code printed on the label. Smart coffee…VERY COOL!

Whether you drink a small cup of coffee or a full travel mug you can utilize the cup stand for height adjustments. The Tassimo utilizes specialty T Discs available in a variety of brands so you can choose one that you are sure to enjoy. Perhaps my favorite feature is the technology for noise reduction that allows for quiet operation of the brewer. Mornings can be a hectic time and having a few minutes alone to enjoy my coffee lets me prepare for the day, the last thing I need is a noisy brewer startling my children awake before I can enjoy my few precious moments of “me time.”

The TASSIMO Discs can be found to purchase in the coffee aisle of major retailers such as Lowe’s, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, KOHLS, Macy’s, Sears, ect… To find a location near you click here. Or you can buy the T DISCs directly from Tassimo. ALSO, Right now use coupon code GIVEOHGIVEAWAY for a $20 off coupon for select Tassimo models.

Who is ready to win! One lucky ready will win a Tassimo T20 Beverage System & Coffee Brewer!! Enter below and Good Luck! US Only please. Ends 9/16/13 at 11:59 pm EST

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  1. LOVE the colors on thus

  2. susan smoaks says

    I like sumatran blend coffee. starbucks is my favorite brand.

  3. Favorite type of coffee? The dark, bold kind…con leche. 😉

  4. huge hazelnut fan!

  5. Karen Glatt says

    My favorite type of Coffee is Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice blend.

  6. Tim Hortons with a bit of cream

  7. My favorite flavor is hazelnut.

  8. sherry butcher says

    extra dark roast – black.

  9. French Roast

  10. Anything dark roasted!

  11. Jennifer W. says

    Oh I’m not picky I just want one so that I can make better tasting coffee than my drip coffee maker!

  12. For my morning coffee, I prefer just traditional coffee. But for any other time, I’ll take any type! Right now it’s pumpkin spice. LOL

  13. sumatran blend coffee

  14. There was this lovely dark Africa Kitamu from Starbucks. It used to come in t-discs. It was the stuff dark, bold coffee dreams are made of. Truly.

  15. pumpkin spice!

  16. Jenny Patton says

    My favorite type of coffee is a frappucino

  17. Sandy Mann says

    French Roast. Sandy Mann

  18. erica jones says

    the medium to dark roast, but not too strong

  19. Christine Beasley says

    Yuban or Hawaiian

  20. Sylvia Zajis says

    I tend to like flavored coffees that are mild in strength such as tiramisu.

  21. Debbie Clauer says

    I drink all kinds of coffee sweetened with flavored creamers. My fav is Cinnabon.

  22. Sha'rrell Haws says

    Semi-strong and FIRST THING! LOL then alllllllllll day long! 🙂

  23. Tracy Cook says

    not so strong, with cream and sugar, also a little ice to cool down so I don t burn my mouth.

  24. KAREN DEGRAAF says


  25. KAREN DEGRAAF says


  26. Elizabeth splinter says

    I like a medium roast…..with a splash of Bailey’s.

  27. Chassity Daniels says

    dark roast, hot

  28. valorie gomes says


  29. Diann Hardy says

    I love my coffee with my sugar free chocolate creamer!! Mocha.., i guess it is.., LOL But I alos love iced coffee… My other favorites are peppermint cocoa, vanilla caramel, and spiced pumpkin!!

  30. Diann Hardy says

    I also meant to say in my last post that I love the morning wake up roasts..

  31. Pumpkin Spice and any medium roast blend

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