Tervis Contrast Collection: Tumblers with Flair for the Modern Chic

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Summer will officially start in just a few weeks and with the hot and humid weather we’re expected to have, I know we need to have water bottles handy wherever we are.   And I just found the perfect one for me!  The 16oz Lace Edge Wrap from the Tervis Contrast Collection ($20) appeals to the fabulous fashion diva in me. The dainty lace design in black beautifully wrapped around the opaque tumbler is just so exquisite.

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The very first Tervis tumblers were innovations of two engineers from Detroit who found a way to use the natural insulating powers of air to retain the temperature of drinks.  Cotter and Davis designed the first permanently sealed double walled tumbler that kept hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  Tervis tumblers are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  Moreover, they are virtually unbreakable.  From simple tall and cylindrical tumblers, Tervis tumblers now come in six different sizes, hundreds of customizable designs, and dozens of emblems and accessories.  With over 65 years of creating made-to-order tumblers, Tervis continues to innovate designs that appeal to all ages and different personalities.


If you want to give this as a gift to a friend or a colleague, you may want to go all out and include all other accessories such as the shaker top ($8) and the straws ($4) then have everything sent in a beautiful gift bag ($3).  Did I mention that the tumbler costs only $20?!  It’s really quite affordable that I’m also getting one for my hubby Jules.  The Reeds Wrap from the Contrast Collection would be a perfect match for my own Tervis tumbler. With matching Tervis tumblers, we can hit the beaches and go on summer tours in perfect style.


  1. Kelli Bliss says

    Great review!!

  2. Wow, I love that design! I would feel so fashionable carrying this into the office! Thanks for the info!

  3. Those are tumblers I’d pick out!! I love the black/white design. So beautiful, and not boring!!

  4. Jane Ritz says

    I love Tervis tumblers. I have given several as gifts. I have a criguit now and would love to personalize some.

  5. Jayne Townsley says

    I like the Disney ones on their site…especially the classic Mickey Wrap.

  6. natalie nichols says

    I’ve never seen these before. They are very nice looking

  7. Pamela Halligan says

    I am a fan of Tervis Tumblers. I love the designs and how well they hold up.

  8. Stephanie Hsastie says

    These are very pretty, so many of the insulated ones just have brand names or sports teams!

    • Stephanie Hastie says

      embarrassing, I misspelled my name, lol. That comment should have been from Hastie

  9. krista grandstaff says

    Finally a cup that isn’t hideous and doesn’t scream that I have little kids in the house…lol.. these are lovely, and would help well to company 🙂

  10. Sandy McFadden says

    I love these they look so chic!

  11. Marissa says

    the lace design is the best part. I want these because of that! <3

  12. These are so pretty and I love the design on them. I would love to own a set of these tumblers. Very nice. Thanks for the post.

  13. Ashley Morrissey says

    Love that it can retain the temperature of your drink! Convenient!

  14. I love these. I have plain white dishes so it would really spice up the table to have patterned glasses

  15. Arlene Whitfield says

    Oh I like! Very chic!

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