The Aftermath of a Tragedy: Who, Besides the Truck Driver, Can Be Held Liable After an Accident?

The Aftermath of a Tragedy: Who, Besides the Truck Driver, Can Be Held Liable After an Accident?

Accidents are fatal and they are not something you may wish to get involved in. The truth is that however keen you can be as a truck driver, there are still some truck drivers that would ignore some rules. After all, human are prone to errors and you can’t blame someone if the accident was bound to happen. Below, is who, besides the truck driver, can be held liable after an accident.

Parties That Can Be Held Liable After a Truck Accident

If you are serious about the cause of truck accidents and why, then you must ensure that you carry out a thorough investigation. In most cases, you’ll find out that one or more parties are liable for the truck accident, but only if you carry out your research well. Some of the people who may be held liable during a truck accident may include:

Truck Driver

A truck driver may be held responsible or liable in a truck accident if he or she was negligent, for example, by over speeding, he or she was fatigued, or was distracted while driving. He or she may be subjected to criminal charges, then eventually conviction.

In addition, a truck driver should be able to inspect the rig to ensure proper maintenance. That is to mean, if there was a maintenance problem or cargo shift that contributed to the accident, then the truck driver will be held responsible. If the accident was caused by your truck driver, call Abels & Annes today.


Any trucking company will always be responsible for their trucks and truck drivers when on the road.  In addition, they will also be held accountable if they hire and train drivers or employees, which have driving licenses that have infractions. In some cases, the carrier’s records may indicate that their employees are always pushed to save more money by cutting corners to avoid inspections by FMCSA.

Cargo Shipper and Loader

Many at times, carriers are subcontracted by another company to help them with their shipment of cargo. In some case, they may be obliged to ship sealed cargo. The people involved in such agreements like the cargo originator, shipper, loader, etcetera will be liable for the federal or state regulations. If for instance the cargo shift caused the truck accident, then all records of each party mentioned above will be summoned and examined.

Other Vendors

Whether the trucking company is a large company or a small company, there could be other vendors that are subcontracted. Subcontracted work may include administrative work, like hiring more drivers, maintenance of trucks, repair, etcetera. Some trucking companies involve brokers for their cargo shipment services. Any of the third-parties may be liable in case found negligent.

Truck Manufacturer and Parts Makers

Some accidents could be as a result of failure of other truck parts, such as tire blowouts, brake problems, etcetera. The above is just a maintenance issue, but if the part in question was defective in any way, the manufacturer may be held liable.

Government Agencies and Contractors

In some cases, roadway hazards like broken pavements can contribute to an accident. In this case, the local or national government will be liable or held accountable for the accident.

Final Thoughts

If you ever get involved in a truck accident, you know who can be held responsible. Also, don’t act negligently because you may also be held liable.

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