The Benefits of Indoor Greenery

Modern offices offer us a climate-controlled and efficient place to work. The drawback is that they can also be generic, aesthetically unpleasant and unhealthy. Plants are one way to dress up the workplace in a cost-effective manner, and there are some additional benefits as well. Here are just a few:

1. Mood Elevation
The presence of plants helps to create a tranquil, relaxed setting for employees and customers. They’ve been also been shown to enhance feelings of well-being, increase learning potential and improve memory. This makes them especially beneficial for offices, hospitals and schools.

2. Pollution Control
It’s known that plants help reduce indoor pollutants. They can even filter out toxic elements like nitrogen dioxide and benzine. Plant life filters out dust and absorbs carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, too. This is especially important in modern buildings where air is re-circulated and fresh air is hard to come by. They also help regulate the moisture content and humidity, increase comfort levels and reducing headaches.

3. Productivity Enhancement
When employees feel healthier and more relaxed, it increases their level of job satisfaction and productivity. Plants also help reduce noise levels in the workplace, which aids concentration and task management. Using plants as a natural screen helps filter out visual distractions as well.

4. Aesthetics
Plant like can soften the appearance of even the most stark or austere setting. When they’re used at outdoor entrances or in reception areas, they help provide a welcoming environment for visitors and create a great first impression. Vibrant vegetation and flowering plants add a splash of color to otherwise bland interiors. They’re an inexpensive way to decorate that can be changed around easily to liven up and vary the appearance of your workplace from time to time.

Think you don’t have the time or the patience to take care of an indoor garden? Don’t worry, many offices have a resident “green thumb” on staff, or you can hire a service that will supply and arrange the plants, and offer cost-effective maintenance packages, too. is an example of a company that offers a variety of solutions to dress up and improve the atmosphere of your workplace. A healthy, happy work environment is a more productive work environment. Anything a business owner can do to improve morale is an investment in the future of his or her company.


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