The Best Threads in Town

The Best Threads in Town

There are a lot of tailors around town, but I found out that the best threads can actually be bought online.  It’s actually a surprise how perfectly the suit I ordered online fit.  All it took were a few clicks and a few days of waiting time.  The Italian suit that arrived in my doorstep is exactly my specifications, thanks to  This online retailer for custom-tailored suits will definitely be my choice for all my business shirts, suits, and pants.

IMG_9286 has a user-friendly website that is easy enough to navigate.  You simply have to click on a few buttons and selections to place your order.  Choosing your desired suit and fabric is the first step.  You have an extensive choice of fabrics from the world’s best textile manufacturers including Cerruti, Reda, and Zegna.The next step is to choose any details that you want in your suit. has an in-house team of designers to put your chosen details into a pattern that will be used in the tailoring process.  The technology that they use ensures accuracy right down to the finest details.Lastly, you have to take your measurements and finalize your order.  There is no need to worry about not knowing how to do this.  There’s an easy to follow video on the website to help you take the right measurements.  Once you have finalized your order and made your payment, you just have to wait a few days for your suit to be delivered.

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It’s a great assurance that offers guarantees on their shirts, suits, and pants.  They have provisions for local alterations up to $79 as well as for full refunds in case you are not satisfied with your order.  This is proof that they are confident about the quality of the clothing that they ship out to their customers.  And they truly deliver in terms of quality, style, and cost.  For the best threads in town, I will not think twice about ordering from again.

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