The Driver’s License: To Infinity and Beyond?

With all due respect for the space-age hero from the Toy Story, I just couldn’t help but do a Buzz Lightyear, as I am faced with this topic to ponder on…

The driver’s license is one of the identification cards a person holds on to for dear life.  When asked for a valid ID, almost always, the first thing that we present is our driver’s license.  At face value, it contains all the important information about one’s identity.

In keeping up with this day and age of advanced technology, some sectors suggest that it’s high time the driver’s license got a well-deserved upgrade of sorts.  They believe that this card should have additional features.

At present, some of the other government-issued ID’s are already in UMID mode (Unified Multi-purpose ID).  This means that you can use these cards as a discount card, debit card, or an ATM card.

In terms of quality, our current driver’s license could also use a makeover.  It should meet ISO standards when it comes to thickness and stiffness.  Moreover, it should also feature better print quality and a sharper facial image for better identification.

Which brings me to this ultimate question:  Are we ready for a driver’s license that offers more?


  1. they already done that with the new SSS id’s and hopefully with the newly issued driver’s license as well.

  2. I don’t think we are. Driver’s license are made for specific purpose and I think UMID has almost the complete features.

  3. seems interesting to be used as discount, atm and debit card….but not here in germany…but then a DL is laways a valid id wherever we go.

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