The Finishing Touches of Interior Design

The Finishing Touches of Interior Design

So you see yourself as a bit of an interior designer? Most people do, because the reality is that the cost of a professional interior designer is generally reserved solely for the rich and famous. Luckily, if you know some of their tricks, there really is nothing stopping you from doing things yourself. And perhaps the most important thing to know is that a successful interior design is all down to one thing: the finishing touches. One of the important finishing touches for any room is the blinds you choose, as they can either destroy the overall look, or pull it all together. But which blinds do you choose?

Options for Blinds

First, there are roller blinds. These are the simplest types out there, but they are also incredibly stylish. One of the things people tend to like about these types of blinds is that they come in lots of styles. For instance, you can have lots of customization options. Maybe you prefer beaded fringes at the bottom, waved lines, or straight lines. Anything is possible. Roller blinds are usually controlled with a cord, enabling you to lower and raise it. There are now also quite a few rollers that have springs instead.

Then there are vertical blinds, which are also very common, particularly in commercial buildings. More and more people are choosing these for their home as well, particularly because they come in blackout versions, making them perfect for bedrooms. There are also light reflective models and flame retardant models. One of the best things about vertical blinds, however, is that they are suitable for very large windows. In fact, you could use them for floor to ceiling doors and windows and some people even use them as room dividers.

Venetians are probably the oldest and most traditional types of blinds. These can be made in all kinds of materials, including PVC, aluminum and wood. If you want to create a really rustic feel, then wood is the perfect material. PVC and aluminum is more suitable for a modern look. With Venetians, the slats are laid out in a horizontal manner, enabling you to control how much light is coming in and how much people can see in. Usually, they use rods or cods for control, although more modern version now come with remote controls, perfect for people with agility issues such as arthritis.

Then, there are Romans, which are really stylish. They are made of loops of fabric and are generally found in elegant, sumptuous rooms. No other blind is able to create this type of look. Their folds raise by looping around, and they hand down like individual panels when lowered. Various materials can be used, although they are generally fabric.

Last but not least, there are the pleated blinds. These are most common in windows that are oddly shaped, such as conservatories. They generally have some treatment that enables them to withstand the rays of the sun without losing their color. In most cases, they use horizontal slats or panels.

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