The Good in Having Words with Your Kids

 Words are very powerful instruments that can influence our lives.  There are words that encourage, disappoint, hurt or heal.  As parents, we need to recognize the importance of these words and how we can use them to raise our children well.
There are plenty of ways to introduce words to your child.  As early as infancy we can expose them to a wide vocabulary by reading aloud to them, talking with them or even while playing with them.  The use of positive and nurturing words can encourage them to explore and learn more about their surroundings.  As your child begins to grow and be able to have conversations with you, the bond between parent and child becomes stronger.  This creates a positive home environment where the kids can be properly guided and taught good values while growing up.
Fostering open communication in the family can also keep kids away from serious trouble like those of drugs or HIV.  Rehabilitation institutions like a drug rehab center Birmingham can help kids and parents overcome problems with addiction. But we shouldn’t rely on their help alone.  A supportive and nurturing home environment is still needed after the rehab process.
Talking to our baby is a good way to teach them how to read, talking with our children teaches them values for growing up, while talking to our teens allow us to impart some of the life lessons we learned to help them through adulthood. We can talk as much as we want but plain talk can be empty unless you use words that come from the heart.


  1. My friend told me to watch out our kids don’t let them go out by themselves until they ae old enough and have good grades

  2. Awesome post! I agree. Words are powerful tools. They can either make or break any type of relationship. I always try speak with caution to anyone. No amount of sorry can heal a deep wound.

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