The Perfect Name for Your Little Angel

Nothing can ever be more exciting than the anticipation of birth.  We had to work a little harder on conceiving and so you can just imagine how even more special it was to have our little one in our arms for the first time.  Part of this experience is thinking of baby boy names and picking out the perfect one by which our little angel will go by.  And so, Sean was our name of choice when the documents were filed at the hospital  almost two years ago.  The same name now emblazoned proudly on the wall beside his own bed.

The name that you choose is important since that’s what your little angel will be called for the rest of his life.  Nobody wants to be called funny names.  Sometimes, parents get carried away with wanting their baby boy to have a unique name and end up subjecting their child to years of being made fun of because of his name or having to correct every person who reads his name out loud for pronouncing an unusually spelled name wrong.

There are books and other resources with long lists of names for baby boys from Aaron to Zacchariah.  Believe me, it would take you hours and hours to go through all these baby boy names.  One good way by which to go about your name search is to do it by category.  In a lot of resources, you will find names under categories like Christian names, Hottest Trends in boy names, Classic boy names, Unique boy names, Greek baby names, Unisex baby names, and a host of other categories.  Some of these resources also tell you what the names mean.  Would-be parents sometimes think about the kind of characteristics they want their babies to embody and then choose a nice sounding name that encapsulates those traits.  Our Sean’s name comes from Hebrew origins and means “God is gracious.”  God is indeed gracious for giving us our precious little Sean.


  1. Will let my friend know of this, they thinking of name

  2. True. It took me days to look for a perfect name for my baby boy…he’ll be due in August and we’re all so excited. 🙂

  3. @Joanne hope you get his name soon

  4. This is so true. Actually, although I won’t be starting my own family yet any time soon, I’ve already been thinking of what I want to name my future kids with.. 😀

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