1. Jessica Dunn says

    I want to play Halo

  2. lisa tolbert says

    Hope I win this!…my son wants one for Christmas!

  3. I’d like to play Super Mario Bros

  4. lisa tolbert says

    Epic Mickey will be the first game!

  5. Kaitlin M says

    I would like to try 007 Legends

  6. I’d love to start with Just Dance 4:

    Raffle name : Angel

  7. Super Mario Brothers:)

  8. Adin U. Blankenship says

    I am sure it will be the classic game Super Mario Bros. 🙂

  9. Jessica_Thompson says

    The Super Mario Brothers

  10. Bonnie Bobeck says

    Probably Super Mario Brothers!

  11. mario!

  12. Crystal Gibson says

    new super mario bros u

  13. Courtney Tucker says

    I want to play the new Micky Mouse game!

  14. I want to play Just Dance 2. I like the games that make me get off my butt.

  15. I’m vying for one of those games but its to costly in my will be good for me cause I like to play the exercising games thinking of it and I’m excited already just hope my luck is on one of those prizes

  16. Michael Crowley says


  17. I’d have to chose from mario bros, jeapordy and wheel of fortune.

  18. Tara Gauthier says

    Super Mario Bros would be a good first game

  19. regina martinez says


  20. Crystal Craig says

    I would play Sing Party! 🙂

  21. I would play Super Mario Bros first!

  22. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Super Mario Bros

  23. NintendoLand would be the first game I would want to play.

  24. Mario Bros.

  25. I think I would play Super Mario Brothers first.

  26. Christine koss says

    Super Mario bros

  27. I would love to play Mario Brothers!

  28. Super Mario Bros….all time classic!! 😉

  29. anji beane says

    my son wants to play Mario bros.

  30. chelsea pacheco says

    I will probably NEVER play a game, but my kids would play anything and everything they could!

  31. Mario!

  32. Halo is on my list

  33. Miraflor Miras says

    I want to play Just Dance 2 =))) Since it was my forte ahhhhh hihi

  34. Jovanna Middendorf says

    I would love to win this!! I would play the new Super Mario Bros 1st!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  35. I will be playing Mario!

  36. i would play nintendoland. it has lots of great, fun minigames for groups

  37. This would be an amazing win for my son!! First game we would play would be “Super Mario Bros” 🙂

  38. I would play Super Mario Bros.

  39. Zombie U

  40. Brenda King Sumner says

    Super Mario Brothers

  41. Janet Benthin says

    I would play Super Mario Bros first!

  42. I would play Super Mario Bros first.

  43. Chantel W. says

    Without a doubt I would play MARIO!

  44. Love to win

  45. Jennifer B. says

    I think the singing game 🙂

  46. Karenly Sossa says

    I would play SUPER MARIO 🙂

  47. Jennifer Roberts says

    Sing Party!!

  48. mario

  49. Sing Party!

  50. Mary Stack says

    Super Mario Bros U would be the first game I would play.

  51. Britt Hilts says

    Mario.and.super Mario cart

  52. Rachel Wagoner says

    I want to play Mario Kart!

  53. Mario I love mario

  54. LaMar Hortman says

    First game: Mario Paper. Love it!

  55. super mario

  56. Nintendo Land

  57. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    Mario Kart

  58. Rachel Smith says

    Sing Party!!

  59. Stacey Hall says

    Can’t wait to figure it out!

  60. patricia bishop says


  61. Leslie Harris says

    Not sure

  62. Lynnae Parrish-Schloneger says


  63. The new legend of zelda

  64. Trisha Fernandes says

    I would play Sing Party

  65. Wii Bowling 🙂

  66. I would play Super Mario Bros. 🙂

  67. Christine Bingler says

    Whatever comes with it, of course 🙂

  68. Lisa Paisley says

    Sing Party looks fun!

  69. gabriel r. says

    I will play the new Super Mario Bros. U.

  70. Vikki Billings says

    I would play super mario

  71. Mario

  72. I would play Super Mario Brothers first!!!!!

  73. DEBRA LASHER says


  74. Nintendoland, because it’s the game that comes with the system!

  75. madeline bonilla says

    I would play any Mario games first. I grew up with Mario, and I absolutely enjoy playing the game.

  76. Delaney Ulrickson says

    Nintendo Land!

  77. lindsey harper says

    Mario Kart – been a looonnngg time 🙂

  78. Lisa Kostelnik says

    Super Mario.

  79. Whitney Sharbono says

    I would love to win this for my son! He asked Santa for it, but unfortunately Santa didn’t have enough money this year for it.

  80. Zombie u

  81. Paula Proffitt says

    I would play Sing Party

  82. Carmen Washington Rudnick says

    Mario Kart

  83. chiara ciofolo says


  84. Mario

  85. Super Mario Bros U

  86. Margaret T McLaughlin says

    I would play Mario Kart

  87. April Campana says

    Super Mario

  88. Super Mario

  89. Mariah Anger says

    Mario Kart!!!

  90. I need the Fitness games for my health improvement.

  91. Just Dance 4

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