These US Cities are the Most Festive

These US Cities are the Most Festive 

According to Instagram data, it looks like a white Christmas may not be necessary to create heartfelt season’s greetings.

By collecting geotag data from posts utilizing a collection of Christmas-themed hashtags the Holiday Experts at Treetopia were able to figure out which U.S. cities’ citizens are most likely to use #merrychristmas and similar hashtags in their holiday posts on a per-capita basis.


A pair of states known more for their sunshine and warmth than their snowfall are home to eight of the top ten most festive cities when it comes to hashtagging, with four each in Florida and California. A pair of cities in snowy New England round out the list and bring a more traditional wintery feel to the rankings while proving that colder weather doesn’t have to dampen holiday spirits.

Those New England cities didn’t just barely squeak by to make the list, however, as they both finished in the top four overall according to Treetopia’s methodology. The residents of Wilmington, Delaware and Portsmouth, New Hampshire prove that cold weather gives way to warm hearts around Christmas time.

While the warmer temperatures in California and Florida may not give off that same winter vibe commonly associated with the Christmas season, those temperatures may very well be the reason so many people there are using holiday hashtags this time of year. After all, what could be better than opening gifts before heading to the beach in fifth-place Miami, or celebrating Christmas with Mickey Mouse and friends at Disney World in top-three overall finisher Orlando?   

Similarly, California’s oceanside destinations like top-ranked Malibu and sixth-ranked Santa Barbara provide idyllic views for Christmas celebrations without the threat of snow looming over the proceedings. World-class vacation destinations and unbeatable weather make Florida and California enticing locales for families celebrating the holidays, and if the Instagram data is any indicator a whole lot of people are taking advantage of them for just that purpose.  

Whether you’re snowed in up north or celebrating in your flip-flops on a beach somewhere, here’s wishing you and yours a very #MerryChristmas!   

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