This Summer, Never Leave Home Without…

It’s hot and humid and there are just things a busy mom should never be without when she leaves home.  The most obvious must-haves during this season is sunblock.  No matter how wonderful that tanned bikini babe looks on the poster at the surf shop, the truth is that too much sun can damage your skin.  If you must get a tan, make sure that you do it safely with formulas that are not harmful.  Check with your dermatologist about any product that you are planning to use to get a tan.  Otherwise, you and your children will be good to go with any ordinary sunblock with ample SPF power.

Another must have for the summer is water.  Always take your water bottle with you to make sure that you are hydrated the whole day.  During the hot summer months, you need more than your regular eight glasses of water a day.  Pack your water jugs to have water on-the-go wherever you are.  Whatever you do, resist the urge to quench your thirst with an ice-cold bottle of soda.

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