Thrifty Me: Tips for Economizing in Today’s World

Today’s economy makes it all the more necessary to exert extra effort towards economizing.  As the family’s purser, mommies are often left with the burden of stretching the budget in order to have enough to go around.  No matter how impossible you might think saving is in today’s world, there are actually still ways to have a little extra to drop in your piggy bank at the end of the day.

Thrifty me says check newspapers and online sites for discount coupons.  Most everything that you need and use in your household have discount coupons that you can use in various retail outlets.  Even if it’s just a few cents off the selling price, all the cents saved from all your purchases will still add up to an amount that could maybe buy you an extra pound of meat or another bottle of milk.  Every cent counts, so to speak.  Spend the time to cut or print out coupons to take with you when you go grocery shopping.  With your grocery list as a guide, you can already choose the coupons that you will use for every grocery shopping day.

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